Thursday, March 24, 2011

101 Things to do Before I Die

So this is totally a popular thing that's been going around the internet. I've written tons of them. I'm a list junkie. I make notebooks of lists (not at a single time but over like a couple months). It really relaxes me and focuses me. However, once I make the list, I don't need to look at it again because after writing it, I'll remember everything I need to do. This is not the case for a grocery list LOL... but don't have to worry about that for about 29 days! Heh!

People call this a "Bucket List". I'd really rather not think that if I could complete this list than I would be so fulfilled in life and have nothing left to do. Not a likely scenario, I grant you, but still. I read on one of my favorite blogs, The Personal Excellence Blog: 101 Things to do before you Die. She writes about how this list evolves with you. When you finish something, you can add something or you can go over 101. Who says you have to limit yourself to only 101 things? Its a big world out there with more experiences, things to learn, and ways to help than most people could ever know, let alone put it all on a 101 list.

  1. Learn Poi
  2. Learn Fire Poi 
  3. Achieve my ideal weight 
  4. Do a Mud Run
  5. Take up Hiking again
    1. Go on these hikes:
      1. Antelope Valley (CA Poppy Reserve)
      2. The Bridge to Nowhere
      3. Joshua Tree National Park- Lunar Hike
      4. Mt. San Jacinto- Palm Springs Tram
      5. Devil's Chair- Devil's Punchbowl
  6. Bungee jump from the Bridge to Nowhere
  7. Ride the Palm Springs Tram
  8. Plant a small grove of trees and watch them grow
  9. Write a letter to your best friend to let them know how much they mean to you
  10. Learn all about wine 
  11. Learn how to play the banjo or violin
  12. Take a woman's self-defense class
  13. Take Karate with my Husband and Children
  14. Get a makeover
  15. Run in a 5K Marathon
  16. Act in a film (family written, produced, acted, and directed)
  17. Knit a scarf
  18. Go on a road trip to Northern California
  19. Try being a vegetarian for a month
  20. Fold 1,000 origami cranes
  21. Organize a picnic outing
  22. Finish up and get my Associate's Degree
  23. Have my teeth whitened
  24. Sew my daughter some clothes
  25. Sew a quilt
  26. Create a house that inspires me
  27. Sell something I have made
  28. Start a blog with at least 5 followers
  29. Go to a nude beach while nude
  30. Learn to paint a wall correctly
  31. Paint a mural
  32. Plant a row of red roses in my backyard with a white rose bush
  33. Give barefoot running a try
  34. Grow a 100lbs pumpkin
  35. Win a contest
  36. Save 10,000 dollars
  37. Raise butterflies
  38. Make everyone I love an amazing hemp braclet
  39. Go see Flogging Molly in concert again
  40. Go see Ingrid Michaelson in concert again
  41. See Lady Gaga in concert
  42. See Devil Makes Three in concert
  43. Go see Rain in concert again (beatles thing... awesome)
  44. Sing a song in karaoke
  45. Get a henna style (real) toe ring tattoo
  46. Do 100 situps
  47. Do 100 pushups
  48. Adopt a really big dog
  49. Go to Montreal and see the bio dome
  50. Go on safari in South Africa
  51. Build an Earthstove in my backyard
  52. Learn to make juicy pork soup dumplings
  53. Make dandelion wine
  54. Get an incredible tan
  55. Ride a mechanical bull
  56. Go to Burning Man
  57. Go to Huck Finn's Jubilee
  58. Make my own apple cider
  59. Go to Scotland
  60. Go up in a hot air balloon
  61. See the Grand Canyon
  62. Climb/hike Mt. Whitney
  63. Do a triathlon
  64. Go to Minus5 Ice bar in Las Vegas
  65. Take an Alaskan Cruise
  66. Write a novel
  67. Move back to Arcata
  68. Take a dance class with my husband
  69. Ride an Elephant
  70. See the Northern Lights
  71. Make my own ice cream
  72. Take a painting class again, this time with acrylics not oils
  73. Take a drawing class
  74. Get My BA
  75. Get my Masters
  76. Make Chocolate crossiants
  77. Get a crazy amazing dress
  78. Win 500 dollars at Blackjack
  79. Learn French
  80. Finally win one game of chess!
  81. Have a huge garage/yard sale
  82. Read Finnegan's Wake and get it
  83. See Halmet performed 
  84. Carve a 100lb pumpkin
  85. Eat at Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen
  86. Design my own "signature" cocktail
  87. Hike in the rainforest
  88. Learn to dirtbike
  89. Go to Cedar Point
  90. Go to Coney Island
  91. Go to San Francisco and not be miserable this time
  92. Go to Oktoberfest 
  93. Make Amigurumi
  94. Fold 1000 origami cranes 
  95. Go Berrypicking
  96. Get out of debt
  97. Rent a convertible and go sight seeing around socal
  98. Renew my wedding vows
  99. See walking with the dinosaurs
  100. Go on the fair's rides that terrify me
  101. Spend Halloween night on the Queen Mary

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