Tuesday, March 29, 2011

30 Day Family Challenge (update)

The best things in life are free...

Not to say it hasn't been difficult at times, but we have made it 1/4 of the way through our 30 day family challenge!

Its been a week and we haven't spent any money, we haven't even made a dent in the pantry! There have been a few moments when either my husband or I was like, "want, want, want..." and the other was like, "no spending, we can do this,"

The ultimate test is Flogging Molly (one of our favorite bands, even better in concert) is coming to the town next to us and the tickets are way cheap! But we are going to wait to buy our tickets (unless they are sold out which is way possible) until after this challenge. This is the first time we've challenged ourselves as a family to do something. We can do it! and if the concerts sold out then thats a message from the universe to not go. :P

This week the harder part was explaining the challenge to others. Questions like, are you broke? are you having money problems? Why would you do this? etc. We are not broke, nor having money troubles. We just are trying to teach ourselves the difference between need and want (I understand we could do without a lot of what we have). We are also doing this to save money. Its always nice to have money saved up for whatever reason. One of my 101 things to do before I die is to save $10000 in my saving account, so this is a great way to presume my goal and also ween myself off consumerism. We have also had alot of concern over starving directed towards us. Okay, we aren't going to starve we have plenty of food. Also, if we run out of food, we will go buy some and we will have learned something from this challenge. So don't worry about us starving.

Homemade pizza!
We have actually been eating a lot more healthy now that we have to make everything from scratch and take getting the proper nutritional thingys into account. There's no junk food available in the house and everything takes time to prepare. Granted being 5 months pregnant sends me into craving for thick banana ice cream shakes... but I'll eat a banana instead or have a glass of water and play spongebob memory game with my daughter. Its a new relationship, I have with food, one I want my daughter to learn from me. We also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (the best cookies ever), pierogi (which flopped so badly even though we tried so hard... maybe next time -Jorg still ate them), and ham cabbage casserole (which was also amazing and done mad scientist style so I don't have a recipe, but Jorg and My Girl gobbled it up and want me to make it again! So perhaps, I'll get around to making one).
Sookie is always in the bkg of every pic

 As for entertainment, its also been impacted. Can't go to the movies, can't GO SHOPPING, can't throw a party, not that these things were things that happened alot... well, except the shopping. I noticed that this week, we have been really involved with each. Everyone helps out with everything, laundry, cleaning, gardening. We are moving as a family unit and its amazing! We have spent every none raining day outside for the whole day. Rainy days we pwn the organizing and housecare, and play so many games. This challenge has really brought all 3 of us together this week.

3 weeks left to go and I am so proud of us all ready! I'm making a big corned beef for us all tomorrow and we are going to finish off the spiral garden and start some flowers!

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