Thursday, March 24, 2011

4 hours to myself!

Its so easy, Its simplicity 2228

Its starting to get to be summery (on and off) here. I thought since my girlie grows out of her clothes as soon as I buy them that I ought to be making her some summer clothes that will last all summer (knock on wood!). I got this summer dress pattern for super cheap on

So I was in a sewing class, in 2003(?) for a whole semester where all I managed to make were pajama bottoms. Oh, they weren't very comfortable, but they had the sweetest shamrock design. But a year later the butt split from my freshmen 15! LOL. I kept the pants and we'll probably see the fabric again! Anyway, I think its clear that a pattern isn't something I have mastered.

But it clearly states on the package that "its so easy" and that sold me, that and the clearance price! I also ordered some fab fabric from a cool etsy shop luckykaerufabric etsy store (the entire transaction was amazing!). Apparently, I love Michael Miller printed fabrics! I picked 3!

Bite me, Bonehead, and Willow shrooms by Michael Miller
Well, I kept wanting to try this pattern out. But my sewing machine needle broke, then I didnt have any bias tape, then I had no ribbon... then I everything but the time! Until this weekend when my husband took my daughter to the park with a bunch of our friends and there kids (they had a wonderful time!) as did I for my 4 hours to myself in what 4 months or so? I finished one dress and am 1/2 finished with the other two... I ran out of bias tape :-( LOL. But it was so easy! Only twice did I need to pull out the seam rippers! Here it is!

Shes been doing these poses lately... should I be worried?

 She really loves it! But has been on me to finish her apple and mushroom dress LOL! If you are looking for a pattern that's really easy and requires little to no experience go with this one! You can do it!!! After the next two are done, I'm moving on to the pajamas for the summer!

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