Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amazon Book Sale!

I love It has wonderful deals for books and alot of options for the kindle which is my primary source for my fiction book. But for reference books like cookbooks, how to books, or books to read in the bath, I either go with the under 5 dollars bargain bin at or the friends of the library sale.

 Amazon's Under 5 Dollar Books

I just a box of books, that I couldn't resist ordering.

I really am looking forward to using the hemp and beading, herbal remedies, and spa vitality books. The pumpkin books (and yes there are alot of them) are for October when we do our pumpkin carving/sculptures. This year we plan on using one of the 100lbers, we will have growing in our patch very soon, to carve the death star. Not to mention tons of other ones. It'll be a busy day but as you can tell I'm totally looking forward to it!


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