Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caps for Good

I recently finished the Caps for Good campaign. It ran from November, 2010 through February, 2011 but I didn't start until January. The campaign called on knitters and crocheters to create a cap for  low-birthweight babies in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

I set a goal of crocheting 50 caps before the deadline. I'd never followed a pattern before but I found the one that was provided to be perfect for a first pattern. I also got my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws to crochet 100 each. So combined we had 350 caps! They also encouraged alot of people at their churches to crochet and knit caps as well.

I hope that they do this campaign again next year. It was a wonderful feeling to be making something that somebody would need it. How many times have you crocheted a scarf and no one wears them... maybe that's a California thing?

Half or so of the hats and half or so of Sookie
They are alot of fun to make!

Here's the pattern for crochet (pdf) and knitting pattern (pdf):

Crocheted Cap Pattern
Abbreviation Key
“ = inch(es)
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
lp = loop(s)
mm = millimeter(s)
oz = ounce(s)
sc = single crochet
rnd = round
rep = repeat
sl st = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)
Size: 12” circumference

- Medium-weight yarn, 1 oz
- Crochet hook size H (5mm) or size required for gauge
- Yarn needle to weave in ends

7 dc = 2”

Rnd 1:
Ch 4, work 11 dc in 4th ch from hook; join with a sl st to top
of beg ch: counts as 12 dc.

Rnd 2:
Ch 3 (counts as first dc, now and throughout), dc in joining
ch; 2 dc in each dc around, join: 24 dc.

Rnd 3:
Ch 3, dc in joining ch; *dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc; rep
from * around, join: 32 dc.

Rnds 4 through 11:
Ch 3, dc in the top two loops of each dc around; join.

Rnd 12:
Sc crochet in the top two loops of dc around; join, finish off.
Weave in all ends. Turn cuff up.

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