Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crafty Crafts

Made By Me Junior Box of Projects
Steve Bear!
I recently bought Made By Me Junior Box of Projects with 30 projects. I love art and I want my daughter to love it too. I'm creative but its hard for me to recognize crafts and art projects that my daughter can do and not get frustrated. (I'm still kinda a newb, lol) This box has alot of projects and so far the 4 we have done make her very happy. She walks around asking "Mama, we do crafty crafts after we do school?" She loves school too.

It mostly been painting and putting stickers on a template to make a picture. There are alot of options to pick from but the bear will still be a bear and the farm still a farm, though a very interesting on with a cow that flies over a rainbow. LOL. I'm glad I bought this and already have ideas to design projects for her!
Tree Face

I'll keep you posted on the craft box! They have Stickers! Tissue Paper Animals! Foam Jewelry! Paper Puppets! Clay Animals! Color Roll! Mosaics! that we have yet to even do!

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