Thursday, March 24, 2011

Extreme Super Moon

Did you see it? The Extreme Super Moon? March 19, 2011, the Moon was closer to the Earth than its been in 18 years! It was rainy and cloudy here but we managed to sneak a peek when it let up and the clouds parted... It was pretty cool!

I must say for such a neat event it has a very disappointing name. Super Moon? then Extreme Super Moon? It sounds like a 2 year old surfer named the moon. (no offense to surfing 2 year old)

Photograph courtesy Bill Ingalls, NASA
It was the perfect time for me to transplant my starters! So into the ground went my peppermint, chocolate peppermint, thymes, sage, basil, dill, sunflowers, and pumpkins. The next round should be ready soon.

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