Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Grateful Dead Dancing Bear Quilt

the original tapestry

I am a shopaholic.

Just like in the book but less blunderous.

When I see a deal, I just cannot pass it up! Which brings me to when I was shopping at Spencer's. I am a junk junky. I'm trying to break that habit but its a long road. As I was perusing the shelves of shot glasses, hats with bizarre saying, and a few naughty items for bridal showers (oh my!), I notice a small section of cloth tapestries.

I immediately think to myself, "If I buy 4 of these massive ones, then I won't have to paint my room!" I quickly dismissed this thought as the shopaholic inside me aching to spend, Spend, SPEND!!! I picked it up and looked at the price. 75% off!!! A full wall tapestry of the beautiful dancing grateful dead bears, for 5.00 dollars? I bought it.

I hung it on the wall for a while before deciding I wanted to make it into a quilt. I'd just come off the Caps for Good project, in which I crocheted 50 baby caps in a month, so I was ready for a new project that did not involve yarn. I never technically had made a quilt. We were suppose to make one in girl scouts but my mom made it for me cause she didn't want me using the sewing machine or the iron. It was also a 12" square. I have tried to make a quilt but they never got finished and looked very, very bad.

I had everything I need except for the batting so I set to make my first quilt. About a week later, hours spent measuring, pinning, cutting, shooing my daughter off of the pinned quilt, and a few minutes of sewing I actually finished a quilt! It was so rewarding! Much more than going to a store and buying a 79 dollar comforter.

The finished quilt!
My daughter and I looked out over the quilt I had laid out. A week of promises built in my daughter's tiny 2 year old eyes.

 She said quietly, "Mama, Sharks?" 
(I told her several times to stay off my pinned quilt because they were sharp)
"Nope. Go ahead."

She ran a circle around it and then jumped up and down on it.
She yelled the whole time,

"I like it!!!"
A splash of color before the border goes on!


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