Thursday, March 24, 2011

LadyBug Fever...

is not a new kind of flu... but that sounds like it would be horrible. We recently had a large number of ladybugs spring from their pupa. They are loving my backyard! My daughter has fell in love with them. She'll sit in the grass next to the lady bugs laughing saying "oh ladybug, you so funny!" Which makes me laugh hysterically. She recently decided that we needed to take picture of every ladybug we saw. We saw 58 that day. It was incredible. I have a huge album filled with ladybugs! We got to watch a lady bug hatch out of its pupa, another grow a real smart pupa (fyi they totally look like alligator bugs before they are ladybugs).
I suddenly thought that I could use this ladybug love to teach her other things. Besides the life cycle of the ladybug and other nifty facts about lady bugs! This isn't a new idea to all you pro-mom out there but I'm still a rookie so I totally feel brilliant. Anyway, we made a "field journal" about the ladybug (thanks diego!) and I added in a ton ladybug learning stuffs from the internet. Here's some pictures and links, if your little one adores the ladybug.

 Quick and Easy Spring Time Craft 
by She Scribes

Free Kindergarten Counting Worksheet


Ladybug Life Cycle Wheel -Science Forms
by Highland Heritage Home School

Lady Bug Coloring Page 
by Twisty Noodle

Ladybug Fingerpainting
by Fun with Mama

These are the resources I used and they went over magically! Thank you so much to people sharing resources like this freely! If I credited anyone incorrectly, message me and I will fix it asap. Also if you don't want your amazing ladybug business on here, message me and I'll take it down. I'm new to the blogging etiquette of this. Its not intentional and it helps me for the future!

Have fun!

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