Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soda Bottle Greenhouse Tutorial

I started half my starters in pea pots and the others in these greenhouses. The pea pots have not sprouted yet but these took off! So I recommend them.
  1. A great way to recycle the bottles
  2. A cheap way to have a "greenhouse"
  3. Way easy and fun to make
  4. Keeps plants warmer
  5. Keeps plants wet
  6. Keeps plants away from hungry bugs
  7. Keeps those seed thieving birds away!!! (They have their own feeder!!!)
They are a great way to recycle the bottles, a cheap way to have a greenhouse, are crazy easy to make, they keep the plants warmer, wetter, safe from bugs and theiving and in all awesomer! I don't drink soda at all but my husband and guests do so I got alot quickly.

Note: Please forgive the poor quality of picture I only have a 5 mega pixel camera. I'm in the market for a 14 mega pixel which I should have soon!

1. 2-Liter bottles (rinsed out and dried                       
2. Sharp scissors

Step 1: Remove lid and Cut the bottle in half

Removing the lid makes it so much easier
to smash the bottle and cut it in half.

Step 2: Poke holes in the bottom of the bottle

Careful not to stab yourself!

Step 3: Cut slits around the edges of both halves

Hopefully, you can see that. But this is an important step to make the top half fit onto the bottom half.

Finished greenhouse!

They should fit together quite well
if you push and turn it.

Starters all happy!

Add dirt, water, seeds, and sun...
then BAM!

It got really cold and windy so I brought the greenhouses in and sat them in the window.

The lids are off because some of these plants got to big for their britches and on advice from my green thumbed friend I am waiting for the full moon to do all my transplanting.

Good Luck!

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