Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrift Store Find

I love chicken and rice. But I also boil some rice and tear up some chicken when I make it for myself. Not terribly fancy at all. I was in the mood to cook the other day and found this yummy recipe: Arroz con Pollo Recipe on I followed the recipe and realized halfway through the recipe that I didn't have a dutch oven to put the chicken and rice in at the end to finish in the oven. So I substituted my ceramic crock pot and glass lid. I watched closely for the next half hour as the handle on my crock pot lid began to wilt and eventually just fall off. I have fixed it and but its not so pretty. 

The Arroz con Pollo was delicious... and I wanted to make it again next week, rice and chicken are pretty cheap and delicious. I popped into the thrift store hoping to find one and I did! 7.99 and its in such good condition! 

Corningware Floral Bouquet 5 qt Dutch Oven circa 1971- 1975! I love it!

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