Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wonton Experiment

Okay, maybe they aren't quite wontons. I think wontons are folded differently and we kinda folded this like unsealed envelopes and there's the whole filling thing.

My husband and I are very interested in cooking. As I have said before, he's a very precise in cooking and I am sorta cook by feeling... anyway, we were discussing what we needed to eat for the day. Since we are in day 2 of our no spending any extra money family challenge, we need to eat things that will go bad first to be sure that we don't waste any food. I remembered I had bought some Wonton wrappers from Melissa's and searched the internet for ideas to use them before they went bad. After some brainstorming, and some reminders about the crab meat and brie in the fridge, we decided to make a different version of the crab rangoon.

So we sat and folded them... we made over 30 but less than 60 of them. We ran out of brie and crab. Some were just brie and some were crab and brie.

Truth be told they were amazing when they were still hot and melty. They were yums are that but not nearly as good. But its almost like you'd have to fry and eat at the same time. But it was salvaged with a "dippy" as my daughter calls them. Soy sauce and balsamic vinegar! Is there nothing that vinegar can't fix?

Tip for frying: My husband did the frying while I folded. He wanted me to pass on that the wontons bubble up when they hit the oil and the way to combat this is to flip them over as soon as they are put in.

We love experimenting! This Friday we make pierogi. My husband is making the dough and I am making the filling! So far, its been fairly easy to do this family challenge. We are making one exception, we can buy milk and diapers (I'm not making my daughter suffer like that) but a good thing that comes out of it is we are keeping a log and we will finally know how much money we spend a month on diapers and milk!

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