Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Day Family Challenge: The Final Update!!!

My Girl enjoying our UH

I'm baaaaacccckkkkk!!!

So last week was the 30 Day Family Challenge, the challenge where we tried to spend nothing (exception only essentials). It BOMBED this week, BOOM!

The excuse? I was admitted to the hospital and was put on bed rest for the remainder of the week. It was a fairly serious situation but my baby and I are doing fine now. So with the worry and constant doctor's visits, we did buy a lot of convenience items and stuff we didn't need. But after not being able to care for my daughter or really have her in the room with me :-(, buying her a mickey mouse doll seemed essential at the time.

The experience? The whole journey is tough but worth it. It seemed to be tougher on non-payday weeks. I dunno why.

The results? We saved a lot of money and its chilling in a savings account with a nice APR. This makes me feel at ease with our finances because for the first time in our marriage we aren't living from paycheck to paycheck. It didn't take more money but thoughtful spending habits. For example, I want Tom's shoes and Jorg wanted green coffee beans for roasting (he roasts his own). Instead of buying them now or waiting until we have the money, we are saving a little money each week. After all, these aren't things we need immediately but things we want that can wait. Common sense, right. But sometimes we need to learn things that are common sense :P

I haven't done many crafty things, or cooking this week. Believe me I was going stir crazy. Especially as my house got messier and messier during the week. I have been reading a very interesting book about including herbs into pretty much everything. So next week, I plan to make croutons, make bread, fudge brownies, shrimp and grits, finish the 5 dresses for my Girl, plant ginger, jalapenos, basil, wildflowers, finish my Boy's nursery, clean my house big time, and make a sign for Jorg!

Jorg is running in our cities 5K race! Its his first one. I'm so excited for him! I know he'll do very well but its important to have fun!

Here's some pictures of this week and last:
Easter egg hunt... more like raid.

12 Eggies!

Was happy to meet the Easter Bunny, but not enough to be alone with him.

Climbed the rock for the first time!

Strawberries have green berries!

My peas are getting bigger... lolz!

Jorg took this picture of the garden for me!

My sweet Sookie! YAWNING!

The first rose of the season!

This plot just exploded to life during my week out! all the flowers are starting!

Pea flower

My Girl running laps around our plots in her cowboys boots.
Anyone know what this plant is???

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