Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The 30 Day family Challenge (Update #2)

Its been 2 weeks of not spending money and by far week 2 was the hardest. We didn't accomplish it this week, we spent about 30 dollars on some fresh food and soap. We could have eaten the assort cans of vegetables, but I'm pregnant and want more protein and citrus fruit. I lame cope out excuse. But we are still doing very well! Nobodies perfect and its not quite how we expected do. We will continue for the remaining 2 weeks.

I have noticed that a couple changes. Besides looking for outside entertainment we have been doing a lot of crafts and working on the urban homestead. Its starting to shape up well. The television is off alot more than it used to be (I am a TV junkie!). Its been off probably all but 2 hours a day.  We also spend more time preparing food as a family. Even when we broke down and bought some chicken, we walked to the grocery store together and picked out the best deals. We are doing more as a family. 

But all this work and family time has exhausted me. 6 months pregnant and I am starting to physically feel it. Its hard to work but I have to push myself. If I miss a day of working in the backyard it'll just make it easier to do it again and again. Today, I filled my plots with heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and I still need to plant some strawberries and cucumbers in the very soon to be slightly shaded plot and root garden plot.

We have a few goals to do by next week:
  1. Get shade plot built-plant in it
  2. Get root plot laid-plant in it
  3. Build compost cage
  4. Build a compost pile
  5. Plant the flowers in the Flower bed
  6. Put up the clothesline
  7. Pull lots of weeds!
Wish us better luck this week!

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