Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Day Family Challenge... (Update 3)

We are three weeks in to the challenge and this week went by so quick. We did spend money on fruit, apples and bananas, milk, diapers (I am so curious about cloth diapers but have not met anyone who could make them work), cat food, and a little bit of meat. We were able to put away a nice chunk of change in the savings account! Woo Hoo! We have one more week left in the challenge and I'm honestly excited for it to be over soon. I enjoy saving money and having only like one bag of garbage a week. Yah, one bag. We were a 5 bag family, but with recycling, composting, and just being more mindful about how we use certain items we are down to 1 bag!

I don't want to give up our new family dynamic. We instead of spending money for entertainment, we spend time together. But will be happy when I can finally buy bias tape for My Girl's dresses I haven't been able to finish or to buy some capris for this summer cause its miserable as a pregnant women in 100 degrees! I am gonna try the thrift store for the clothing we need to get. I think my husband, whose quite thrifty by nature, will be way on board for this... he's been working out so he's lost weight and needs some shorts for this summer anyway.

The Urban Homestead is doing well! The things we were trying to get done this week were:

Get shade plot built-plant in it (didn't do this... corn is ready to go into the ground like yesterday)   
The corn is ready to be planted!
     We checked the starters in our bottle green houses are realized, the 16 corn we'd started was  bursting from the containers. Eek! We hadn't expected it to do so well, so quickly. So we had to  scramble to setup this plot.

Get root plot laid-plant in it (didn't do this... strawberries and onions needed to be plotted)             
My Girl working on the Corn
     I have not been at the top of my game. I have had the worst time trying to sleep. So my husband let me sleep in this weekend and he did everything in the backyard: moved the swing set, set up the other pole for the clothesline, started weeding the plot for corn, weeding the existing plot, built the compost pile, and watered everything. It was so sweet and I was quite impressed! My Girl was a great helper too.
Build compost cage (we  decided not to make a cage either. Its just a large pile.)                                                                                        
The Compost pile spot
      We were going to put a 3/4 cage of chicken wire around the pile but the chicken wire can be used else where (dunno where yet) instead of ornamentally here.

Build a compost pile (DONE!)

Our slow compost pile!

Plant the flowers in the Flower bed
The Phoebe and Seamus Memorial Flower Garden

     We lost our two dogs this year. Phoebe we'd had for 10 years, died of old age, and Seamus for 1 1/2 year, the fence broke and yeh. So this is in there memory.

     I still want to add chamomile, hibiscus, more pansies, marigolds, calendula, and jasmine. Obviously, everything that I want to plant in this garden is able to be used in food, tea, or medicine.

Put up the clothesline
The Second pole for the clothesline
     Just need to drill the holes and string up the strings... I was going to use jute cause its what I have... I wonder if that will work.

Pull lots of weeds!
The start of pulling weeds for the corn plot
     Spend 2 hours pulling weeds and then look around and say... where are the fruits of my labors o.O

We got a lot done this week, mostly thanks to my Jorg! This week we plan to:
  1. Plant the start corn in the grow
  2. Build a space for the strawberries and onions
  3. Get rid of the gopher... cats are staying outside until the job is done. oh yeh, theres a gopher back there! UGH!
  4. Finish the clothesline
  5. Start a pepper plot! its small and will be a lot easier than the shaded garden
  6. Weed the area near the clothesline and My Girls Play area
  7. Start weeding the fronts of the plots to the patio
  8. Do something with that scrap wood...

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