Thursday, April 7, 2011

And they called it BUNNY love...

I wanted to keep Easter a really inexpensive holiday. My daughter has more than enough toys and I am trying to get the family excited about a homemade Christmas sort of thing. I decided to make my daughter a cute stuffed bunny rabbit to go in her Easter basket. I have made dolls before but no matter what my intent, my hands always make a very dark and twisty doll. I tried so hard to make it cute and cuddly and not murder-you-in-your-sleep doll. I got the tutorial from Stitch Village, it was a wonderful tutorial! I just like my stitches on the outside... which might add to the franken-bunny look. I still love my bunny!
Village Stitch's Bunny
My Bunny

The last doll I made was about a month ago... 

I had started it two years ago, it was a robot. I hadn't finished it because we had to move and it got packed away and forgotten about. I got my sewing table and finished it to give to my daughter who loves robots! It went horribly wrong. The arms were too narrow so I cut them off and sewed it up... Its truly botched completely. But my daughter found it on my desk and fell in love with "baby robot!" He not scary like my other dolls but he's not right.

My daughter's bedtime and favorite doll- baby robot

A Happy mistake I guess...


  1. If I tried to make one, it would turn out closer to yours than the other.

  2. LOL! The other one is way intimidating when there's a comparison... so I am trying again but I'm making an Easter elephant this time!