Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skirt to Capris: Overcoming Anti-Pants!

I am getting bigger each day of this pregnancy... anyway, it feels that way. I have 3 pants that fit comfortably and only 1 pair is presentable to wear out of the house. The other 2 pants are basically Pj bottoms. I had more before I was pregnant but LOL they don't fit. So I need more bottoms, especially since I misplaced my two fitting PJ bottoms (been wearing ill fitting bottoms). I have this skirt that though it was awesome at one point. I hate wearing skirts, especially now, but usually as well. I decided this skirt would be my new pants.

The original skirt
I searched the internet for turning a skirt into capris (then pants). My frustrating journey began... nobody makes a skirt into pants. Tons of people turn pants into skirts, which I myself have done also. I was mostly concerned with how to place the crotch of the pants. The rest seemed (seamed... j/k) easy enough. But alas, all the information I found told me:
  1. The crotch would cause massive ballooning on the butt or front
  2. The crotch would be too small
  3. Go buy a pattern and fabric instead of using what you got... cause theres not enough fabric to do this.
  4. (Surprisingly) Anti-pants people, not the people who sue and stuff. But people who hate pants and wear only skirts. I saw that it was a sin to wear pants for a woman. People who expressed hatred of the restrictive pant, instead of the freedom of the lovely skirt. And people who were mortified that someone would butcher a perfectly good skirt to make *shudder* pants.
         I guess its shocking to me because... I LOVE PANTS!!! I'm anti-skirt...

Nothing to do but just do it and hope for the very best.

Its cut on the seams... still time to go back!
I used a seam ripper and painstakingly ripped open both sides of this lovely skirt. It was  a really nice skirt I was murdering, but there was still time to change my mind. I could always just sew the seams back up if I was using a seam ripper. Right?

Guessing on the crotch...

Okay, its all pinned and I try it on. It hurts, duh, and the pins slide out of the fabric... O_o Its okay. Just sew it. Its just a skirt you never ever wear but try on when you forget you hate skirts, right? Right!

WHAT did I do!!! I sewed it. My beautiful skirt, how could I do this I love this skirt, I hate pants! Skirts are so freeing and flowing! WHY? I'll just try it on and... wait a minute... this fit perfectly!!! YAY!!! *insert happy nose in the air snoopy dance* Take THAT SKIRTS!!!

I so didn't take a picture of me in the skirt. A celebration picture!
These pants are very awesome. The waist band works well on my 6 month belly bump and the legs are wide and flows... it still sort looks like a skirt. These are pants, and I know that! YAY! I did it!


  1. Whoot for slicing a skirt into pants! Looks like a very lovely job. I personally prefer pants over skirts, so I totally understand why you'd want to make your skirt into pants. Especially when it can hard to find pants that fit perfectly when preggers!

  2. Yeah, skirts just aren't cutting it. No matter how much I want them too! I still have to brave to boiling summer for the last part of this pregnancy. Wish I was two weeks away like you! You must be so excited!!!