Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weeds are Worthless...?

Not from everything I have read. Dandelions are used for all sorts of stuff. I finished weeding a large area and the pile of weeds looked like salad. I wish I knew which weeds were edible and helpful. Its a little dangerous to just start popping random weeds in your mouth. My Boy in my belly probably wouldn't like it either. So I have resolved to figure it out! I WANNA KNOW!

It turns out I could have learned this years ago (about 4). But I wasn't into doing anything at that time. My aunt gave me a book on the subject: American Nature Guides: Wild Flowers by Pamela Forey
Its really hard to find this book (I did a Google search and everything). But she has lots of other books on similar subjects. 

This book is my reading/studying material for the next week maybe 2 if I want to remember any of it. LOL. I already know dandelions are amazing and can be used for wine, coffee substitute, and in salads. Delicious!!! I hope to find other treasures!

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