Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beer Trap!

I have totally read about beer traps in my gardening books and in forums. But seriously? I pour beer in a bowl and it gets rid of snails and slugs? Whatever. I put it off several times... I tried eggshells, which are suppose to make the slugs and snails stay away because of the sharp edges of the shells. The birds eat the shells and the rest of it breaks down and provides nutrients to my plants. But I saw no evidence of slug-uncomfortable-slugging-to my plants.

After bidding farewell to my dill and basil plants, and watching my marjoram and parsley (my tabouli!) being rudely eaten away every morning... I decided to take more action. I also may have been inspired by the King of the Hill episode about the organic gardening, I decided to use a beer trap... its not like I was drinking the beer anyway.

I dug a hole for the bowl next to my parsley and marjoram, put the bowl in and filled it with an ice cold Budweiser... I hardly expected anything to be in it the next day. It was a dead bug jack pot. 20 earwigs, 9 small beetles, 2 cutworms, 4 slugs, and a ton of other bugs I couldn't identify!

I am now a beer trap believer!

For those of you that are like "what's a beer trap?":

How to Build a Garden Slug Beer Trap.

Apparently, the bugs love the smell of beer and go to drink it, fall in and drown. I didn't add any extra yeast to mine but I will be. I am also gonna start buying like a 1.99 six pack of beer for these traps.

Why should I give these bugs the semi good beer? I would have cried if I had to give them good beer... like Mothership Wit!

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