Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Update!

Yesterday was Father's Day and I had grand plans to do stuff for my husband but I fell asleep and he spent the day working in the backyard. He had a wonderful time. He got to watch the race and spend time with his daughter. We got him 4 raspberry bushes for him as a present.

This our new bed, its our first raised bed! I planted 6 black beauty eggplants, 3 asparagus, and 10 shallots!

The boysenberry bushes where planted and I didn't get a picture of the trellis that we put behind it though and my cilantro is doing great... it hasn't bolted at all!

The Wonderful Pomegranate tree is no longer a stick. It has leaves!!! My Jorg and I are just so amazed by the growth here.

My Mother's container garden. It produced the first cherry tomato! I'm told it was amazing and delicious! I was also promised the second one.

 I think its time to replant my calendula some where cause it exploded!!! with leaves all out of the container!

This is a "before" picture taken a couple months ago. The box we used for our raised bed that has the eggplant in it now.

My man hard at work with his new tool to get weeds. GET 'EM! It works really well, I think its called Hula Ho. I recommend it!

The semi-"after" picture. All the weeds are gone and the trench for my box. I am planting my herbs in here. I should be done in like 2 weeks. Pregnancy and work makes for slowness. I am going to be planting chamomile, parsley, basil, oregano, dill and some marigolds in the mix. It should run from the edge of the house to the light pole. Its very exciting to see our UH grow and grow, both up and to each side of the yard. Last year, I had 2 plots.

Jorg's pride and joy, the CORN. He loves this crop! Its getting ready to do something cause there are flower buds doing something there, see?

A quick over view of the garden from the east side.

I just really liked this water in action picture next year we plan on using rain barrels and drip irrigation. But that will take some time to put in. One step at a time, right?

The play place is getting more and more kid friendly too. I do want to put in woodchips or grass here soon. Make it more fun for my Girl!

My Girl has been asking to color a lot lately and since she's scribbled on the walls before I keep them out of reach. But she never really had any interest in it. Every morning, afternoon, and evening  she wants to color. I put the crayons on the table and the coloring books too. This way she can color whenever she wants as long as she stays at the table. 2 weeks and no eating of crayons or coloring on the walls! YAY! Oh and I put onions there too.

Thats the UH for this week! Hopefully in 2.5 weeks we will have a new addition! Can you tell I am tired of being pregnant yet?


  1. Raspberries are a great gift! :) It gives back. ;)

  2. Thank you, He liked them alot. His grandparents entire backyard used to be raspberries so he has fond memories. He'd planted 2 sticks earlier in the year but they just stayed sticks so some live ones are nice!