Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Jeff Dog, Uglydoll bat, the Grinch, pug, cow, darwin, glenn wolf, lions beany baby, monkey pillow, Humboldt J. Bear!

Had to wash all this stuffed animals. I hope they dry well on the line all day long! There was just something in this picture that I loved like all the stuffed animals are playing on the line all silly and stuff. Or it also reminds my of the time my college roommate's Eeyore doll hung himself from the doorway with a short note left behind. We were both shocked to come home to that. I guess it could go either way, depends if you are glass half empty or full person. Have I mentioned how much I love my clothesline! CAUSE I absolutely do! I love how relaxing it is , how much money it saves, how the clothes feel and smell. In all vampire books or movies, they always say to humans, "you smell like the sun," I always thought that was such a lame line. (Its in one of my favorite book series SEVERAL times). But after I smell my clothes off the line, I play that line in my head. LOL!

This is mainly a garden update because I wanted to show off my sunflowers! But the corn keeps getting bigger and bigger, the green onions too, and my strawberries plants are doing awesome! Sookie is polishing her claws on the potato garden wood. So far only 2 of the 10 potato plants for sprouted... they are red potatoes! Jorg planted cukes in there too. We will have to string up some lines for it before too long. But he really wants pickles and with the success of the beer traps (I got 5 massive snails last night) we can try to grow them again! We switched beers to the cheapest we could find and so far snails and slugs seems to prefer Milwaukee's Best with a small pinch of yeast added in. Jorg still staked claim to 16 of my 30 beers.

Which brings me to the mysterious plants springing up in my backyard. They looked alot like corn when I first noticed them yesterday... Very weak, sickly, corn. I thought "how has this sown itself over here before its even done growing?" Then I realized the birdseed! The birds hate the millet and leave it and now its growing. Jorg wants to make it into beer. Reject Bird Beer. LOL!

My Roses are doing really well. There are 5 blooms and 4 buds on it. They smell sooooo GOOD! My mini roses (yellow) are also doing crazy well but I can't seem to take a good picture of it. I got the bush a year ago from the store at 75 percent off cause it was almost dead and was met as a gift. I stuck it in the ground and have been patient and now I have yellow tea roses! YAY!

My Girl and I spent most of yesterday cleaning and cooking, but after that we spent it munching on these peas from the garden! YUM!!! I recommend fresh peas to anyone who can grow them! So delicious I only wished I planted more and I will next year! I got miles of fence for it to climb up!

My mammoth sunflower has fully bloomed. It still stares at the ground! But I love it. Its right next to the lavender so there's a ton of bees. I have to beeeee careful around there but I am sure that's why everything else is doing so well.

I forget which type of sunflower this is but its not mammoth. It is fully bloomed and beautiful and like the peas I plan to plant a whole bunch along the my stonewall. Add some color and life to that side of the yard next year! I love sunflowers. They always look so happy and make everything look so happy! I think they are happy. HAPPY!

Sookie is dead set on catching a bird. She's hiding under the birdbath and the bird feeder is nearby. She's not terribly sneaky though. This is he second most clever attempt. Her first was when she dug a hole in front of the birds and ducked down into to hide. LOL.

Quick other update: Still working on my ROFL Waffle baby afghan. I decided to do a llama for my amigurumi for Help a Child Smile ("Make a soft animal, doll or teddy bear which will become the property of the L.A. County Fair, and will be distributed to the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. For 13 years, the L.A. County Fair has donated “friends” through the “Plush Toy Program” at the Pomona Valley Hospital. Through the hospital’s Social Services Program, pediatric surgical patients are united with a new “friend” (stuffed animal, doll or toy) to help them through difficult times. Sharing your talents and providing a child with a smile is truly a gift from your heart, as these programs are fully dependent on donations from the public") I also want to make a crocodile and a few others if I have time. But definitely the llama! I think I may have llama on my mind now. Enjoy Llama song. Duck!

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