Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jorg's 5K and My Girl's Carny-vale

"Go (for the Alliance) Dave/Dada #63"
This weekend was Jorg's (Shocker, Jorg aka is Dave) first 5K. He's only been training for it since end of April so in the running world it was last minute. I had much more grandiose ideas for a sign but to be honest... I am lazy with baby. I couldn't really bend to draw the Jorg's WoW character to my satisfaction. But I'll finish it after these little guy is born since Jorg really likes the direction its going in. Its way impressive to me that he did the 5K because we all have pretty severe head colds at the moment. I got winded walking back to the car. We will all recover nicely, no worries. My Girl loved holding up the sign at home but not so much at the actual race LOL. She didn't really wanna wake up at 7:30am to go to the race!
A couple yards from the finish line!
Jorg finished the race and I could not be more proud of him. He wants to run it next year. To be honest, the reason I suggested it to him was because I wanted to run it but my its hard to run with a couple basketballs stuck to my belly. He wants My Girl and I to run it next year and we so are going to be doing that! Its exciting to watch him work towards something and accomplish it. Though, he does it on a regular basis.
We all went home after eating a big breakfast at THE IHOP! and I went back to sleep to fight this cold. I dunno what the two of them did. But I got up after the carnival opened and off we went.
First Solo Ride
I was actually not very happy with this carnival in comparison to the one we went to in San Bernardino. It was done by Christensen Amusements. It was stereotypically carny but in a super shady way. It was rusted, dirty, and the people were pretty much all smoking. My Girl wasn't tall enough to ride the super slide but was able to ride the Tilt-o-Whirl, The Scrambler, and This ride called the Casino... It just baffles me. But they both had fun and we probably won't be doing it next year (the carnival, not the race)!


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