Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Last weekend we found a small little carnival just a short ways away from our town. My Girl has been so good these past 2 weekends, spent at the doctors, DMV, and other truly boring adult things, and Jorg and I totally wanted a vacation. So we had like a mini vacation. We went to the carnival!

It was so empty when we got there. Which surprised me because it wasn't hot and it was Saturday on memorial day weekend!
They had pig races... My Girl loves piggies!

A petting zoo! I still want a pair of goats soooo bad...

A tractor pull! J/k... these things were so cool! I wanted to get one of these for My Girl and My Guy.
They even had a little stand to show kids about milking cows... without a real cow, which is really good for the cow. Imagine 200 kids pulling on your utters all weekend :(

 He went on tons of rides with her and they had a blast! I love, love, love, this picture!

Shes actually screaming with Joy!!! Its definitely something we will be doing again next year because the prices were good, the crowds were almost non-existent, and everyone had a blast!

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