Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunflowers, clothesline, and my garden... a quick update.

We finally got the clothesline up and I love (LOVE) it <3. That's the family's clothes hanging in the background (my big pregnant clothes too) :). I use a bucket to carry my clothespins around, as was the advice that was given to me by everyone with a clothesline. It hangs on my arm just fine and holds 200 clothespins. It also is a Halloween bucket for candy, they cost about a dollar and I love reusing them!

We cleared most of the weeds that once looked like lush wheat but now look like straw... lots of straw but grass is such a waste of resources in my backyard. My Sunflower has shot up from a seed that sprouted in march to this 5'4" Sunflower that's about to bloom!

Its facing the shed which is south... so I think its kinda weird that its facing that direction. The other one is facing east.
And its on the other end of the yard by the lemon and apricot trees. It hasn't bloomed yet and to be honest, it was so picked on by bugs that I thought it would die, like its twin seed did. But its almost 4 ft now.
"I haven't had a good pea in years!" <--- an old joke I think of every time I water this plant. I love corny jokes!!! This one is wild. I did water after I decided it probably wasn't a weed and I planted more peas next to it. All those have white flowers and have yet to sprout pea pods. There's a lot on this one. I just need to read more about when to harvest them. I heard when they are young but I can see through the pod and the peas haven't fattened yet. So more research is required.
This is a far cry from my succulent peas. But this is where my basil and dill used to live and the blue turtle is guarding whats left of my marjoram. This is my beer trap after one night! Lots of dead buggies. My Girl said, "Eww, Yucky!" I am definitely going to be putting out more of these! Especially after 2 times of tons of bugs! The beer is suppose to be good for 2 days but I wonder if they will use the other bugs are flotation devices or perhaps the evaporation might be a factor. But I don't wanna waste a ton of beer when I could make it go further for bug killing.
The jalapenos and chilis are doing well as well and my massive tomatoes!!! 
Jorg's pride and joy of the garden is the corn and he kinda likes the green onions too. We are going to plant more corn. Its just grows so well and canning corn is gonna be crazy easy. We aren't big cob lovers over here. We always cut it off the cob anyway. (gasp!)

The beautiful strawberries that Jorg is still stumped as to why they look so healthy but aren't making berries. I suppose I should tell him that I am pinching the berries off so the root system is stronger and the plants grow better and we should get them next season. I keep meaning to but haven't. He's in love with corn anyway!

I was out of yarn for such a long time so I made 3 samples of stitches I always wanted to learn. Like the waffle, basketweave, and crocodile scale. I am now making a blanket of the waffle. I have plans and yarn for the basket weave. But the crocodile scale is going to take ALOT of practice! As I finish the projects, I'll do a post on the pattern for you all!
I have to plug this. I bought it at Walgreens! I bring water with me where ever I go because if I ever got thirsty and needed to buy a drink, it would be water so why not bring it for home? But once you run out of water, then you have to refill it with random store drinking fountains and well, there water tastes GROSS! This bottle has a built in Brita filter. So you fill it up and squeeze it through the filter as you drink it. I don't like the squeezing to drink part but I do like that I could just use its filtration to fill up my other bottle! But give it a try if you are a water junkie like me!

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