Monday, June 13, 2011

The Week of Lazy

Yeah, yeah, I have heard it. Its not lazy, you are really pregnant. This is something I know (very well). But its hard to have the desire to make homemade hamburger buns and instead fall asleep on the couch for 6 hours. Then you have to send your husband out to the store cause he's already made the patties up (after grinding the meat himself). And you realized you got up this afternoon and played with your daughter, napped, went shopping, came home and slept until dinner. Then slept after dinner until 3 am. Which is good for getting back to my sleeping at night schedule but not so much for the list I'm growing in my head every day of the stuff I want/need to do besides sleep. For example, fix my bear lamp, finish my afghan, fill out my paper works (I got lots), crochet an amigurumi, pack my bag for the hospital, pack My Girls bag for when I am at the hospital, weed the backyard, build my huge herb box, make rose water, make lavender water, make some tinctures out of lemon balm and dandelion roots/leaves, and keep the house super clean. It isn't so much when I list it out but I have been not doing it and rather napping. Enough about what I haven't done. I'll get there.

This is our first sprouted red potato plant! There are 2 more tiny little sprouts that can't be seen in the picture because they are too small. Last year, I threw some potatoes with eyes in the ground and the plants jumped up huge. But the harvest were tiny tiny potatoes that were rock hard. So I got actual starters this time. That little blue cup buried in the ground is one of my beer traps. No such luck of catching the slug or snail thats eating my new potato plant yet. Soon though, you better watch your back snail! or SLUG! or vicious worm!

These are Jorg's father's day presents: raspberries! 4 of them. He planted them today and we strung up the lines in between. I used our new staple gun to do it. I haven't picked up a tool like that since my high school production of Once Upon a Mattress, where I designed and helped build the sets... sounds impressive, right? Terrible sets. But we made the best with the materials we had. Anyway, I am excited for the raspberries, and the yummy leaves for tea.

These are amazing strawberries. The plants are huge! This is why you pitch out berries until the root system is all setup. There's actually a few wolf spiders that live in this garden box. Every time I water I see the family of spiders slowly evacuate their home and I'm like come back! There have been NO bugs in this plot. No holes in leaves, nothing like that. I hate spiders but as long as they are being fat guardians of my strawberries, we can be cool.

Jorg's corn gets bigger everyday! I honestly don't think its the soil or the water or the whatever, I think it might be the love and attention these corn plants get! Jorg fawns over them daily and sings their praises every where. We have 20 corn plants right there with some green onions that were plants last year at this time. Sookie also likes to nap in between the plants. It totally reminds me of that great movie, Second Hand Lions (if you haven't seen it, you should), where the lion thinks the plot of corn is her jungle. Sookie bounds in there and sits among the corn like a proud lion cat. I am pretty sure the corn knows how loved it is. :P

Sookie actually did something amazing and I think she was hiding in the corn when it happened. Over the last 3 years we have lost 2 avocado trees, bell peppers, and 2 other trees to a gopher! I mistakenly tried to flood out the gopher and discovered the huge tunnel system of this gopher (insert scorn). We have a ton of cats. I gave them many lectures that it wasn't up to me to kill the gopher, they have to earn their keep! My old black cat Scott yawned and went back to sleep (understandable he's like 14 years old), my fat cat Lincoln (rolled onto his belly and back to sleep), and Sookie laid on my lap and purred but she was still super kitten like. I think she's the only cat that took my speech to heart and BAM! a few days ago my mom found a dead gopher in the backyard! Sookie YAY!!!

This was totally my desire for the clothesline... you know, besides the relaxation I get from it and the money I save. I totally remember when sheets and blankets got washed and we'd play in them while they dried. This picture could have easily have been me or any other kid with a clothesline. *sigh or nostalgia*

These are my once meager wind stripped tomatoes! I have 3 out of the 8 I started with thanks to the wind ripping my tiny ones apart! These ones are looking great and have a few blossoms on them.

This maybe hard to see and thanks to my skills/resolution of my camera, it looks like a a stick stuck in the mud... but don't be fooled! Its my wonderful pomegranate tree! And there are tiny little growths ALLLLLLL over it. I am so excited to have a tree that there is no gopher to kill! My backyard needs some height and shade! YAY! The plum tree is in the same boat but I am not so excited since we need 2 to pollinate and only have 1 but soon. The apricot tree needs more water and the lemon tree is looking AWESOME!

 The bulk of the garden from the west side. In comparison to:
This shot in March & April of our whole garden!

Sweet Calendula  that should be getting bigger and more flowery. Calendula is planning on going into the ground way soon! I want it to reseed in the flower plot so I can have more and make some wicked calendula oil for my family!

This is our compost pile. I have shown it before but its all composted like and we just turned it and its like 70 percent compost. We need to pull another crop of weeds and add more kitchen scraps! Its doing really well. We aren't harvesting from it this year. We hadn't planned on having any done until next February. So we will just keep piling it on from there!

I still haven't put anything here but am still debating between eggplant, shallots, asparagus, or boysenberries! I am leaning towards the boysenberries (that we just bought) and making it a nice relaxing area to sit and read or reflect. Need to figure out where to put the other stuff though.

But look at the view from this reflection sitting area. I love it! No more lazy week. I got to get some sleep at night and am now ready to GO! crochet. :P The next blog should be a ton of crocheted items for the fair contest I am entering (okay maybe not a ton but visually it'll seem like alot). :)

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