Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A 3rd Birthday!

It was My Girl's birthday recently and with all the craziness of adjusting to a newborn it wasn't the big blow out it usually is. But next year with My Boy's 1st birthday, My Girl's 4th birthday, Nana's 100th birthday, Ghee's, Grandpa's, and Jorg's birthday all in the same weeks. It'll be a very action packed exciting time. We are going to be visiting Detroit and Canada at that time. But I'm letting my anticipation derail me.
My Girl opening gifts!

She had a fun filled day or at least from what I can remember... pregnancy and birth totally make you lose brain cells by the gallon. I was so happy for the back to schools sales. My Girl is a crayon zealot and equally so to markers but not so much with colored pencils... maybe one day. 40 cents for a 24 box of crayons! Jackpot!!! Dollar coloring books!!! Woo Hoo! It so nice that the little kids appreciate the cheap things in life. Whereas, Jorg wants an Ipad 2 for his birthday... he got socks (and he liked them).
Rule 1 of Crayons, Don't talk about crayons!
Last year for her birthday, she asked for a pair of dora the explorer skates! I promised her that when she could wear a helmet (at age 3), she for sure could have a pair of skates. Well, this was the year and it took forever to find her skates and they went very dora-y. But we got her some fancy pads and a Dore Helmet!
LOL smile! Ghee got hem for her!
The last thing we had her open was a book. A book most people remember from their childhoods, I'm told. Jorg looked high and low for this book! What do People do all Day? by Richard Scarry. What I remember of his books was all the animals were obese and I despised the worm with the hat... he seemed to always be in the way. But Jorg had super fond memories of this book.

Unfortunately, this book has been abridged (or fortunately). Depends on your views on it, they took out a couple stories about gender roles (Mommy asking Daddy for money) and jobs that are disliked(?) (coal mining). They even changed the pictures to get rid of stereotypical gender roles. Its know okay for a woman in the Scarry world to ride a Zamboni. LOL. I don't mind the changes and Jorg doesn't either but internet groups are blown up over this.

She had a very happy birthday! Her own cupcake and macaroni and cheese for dinner (her favorite!). Next year,  a bigger production but honestly, I was half sleep during this. My Boy isn't much for sleeping.

By the way, if you have an unabridged version of the "What do People do all Day" book by Richard Scarry , they sell on ebay for about 400-600 dollars!

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