Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Busy!

There's barely enough time to sleep let alone write a blog. Plus Jorg's off for paternity leave so I have to fight it out for the computer! We have done a ton of stuff and taken a ton of pictures for the blog but I haven't got around to writing them yet.

 On July 16th, I had My Boy! He's absolutely perfect. Due to circumstances beyond my control, he was a natural birth. I don't recommend it, it does hurt as much as you my suspect it does.

He's a funny little guy with tons of personality already. He grunts almost non stop and every once in a while let's out a little "LA". His eyes... I don't really know what color they are... they could be blue, hazel, brown, and some days they look like all of these. The best way I can describe them is a metallic blue gray. He laughs only in his sleep, dreaming of happier times LOL and he is a crazy good cuddler.

His sister is absolutely mad about him and we have been trying to give her some extra attention. She's picked him up a couple times and tried to put a crayon (green) in his mouth while he was crying and she is always waking him up so he can play with her LOL.

We are still working on his nursery but he mostly just spends time in his moses basket or in our arms!

 This is our complete family of 4! Sorry to disappoint anyone but there will NOT be a 3rd child. It just isn't even a physical possibility any more. Which is great because the 3rd one really will succeed in killing me. We are so happy and thankful for the 2 wonderful kids we have!

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