Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beach Balls, Boats and Bob Marley!

Our matching Tattoos!
Okay, I didn't get Jorg to agree to a real matching tattoo. Its one of those airbrushed tattoos that lasts only for a day or a month, depending on your hygiene routine. After much begging, I got him to agree to this. We were torn between Bob Marley and Snoop dog. :-) I am still working on getting us matching real tattoos. Him relenting here is just a way to get my foot in the door :P

This weekend we went to Jorg's Company's Picnic! The weather was perfect! There was tons of rides for My Girl to go on with her friend. We dined on popcorn, chicken, prime rib, chili cheese hot dogs, and ice cream.

Relaxing under a tree with popcorn

My Girl has fallen into a deep love with plain popcorn. No salt, no butter, just pure popped corn. I am fine with that! Unfortunately, she prefers to eat it all the time since the picnic (aka popcorn free for all).
        Me: What would you like for dinner?
        My Girl: Umm... POPCORN!
        Me: You can't have popcorn for dinner, how about pollo con arroz?
        My Girl: How about *thinks for a moment* POPCORN!
        Me: *Sigh*

Dolphin tattoo!

My Girl got a dolphin tattoo! She picked it out herself! But when I washed her hands it came off and she was so sad. "My fishy... I mean my doll-fin, is gone!" (insert broken hearted face here). So we went back to the very friendly airbrush tattoo artist and got another tattoo for her. TWO DOLPHIN popeye tattoos (one on each forearm). She'd only wanted that or the cat. The cat tattoo was the size of her head so the dolphins!

Are you thinking of The Hangover?

My Guy spent most of his time asleep in the Circo Enchanted Tree Tent, That we set up next to our Grateful dead picnic blanket and chairs. I love this tent. They used to sell it at Target but I couldn't find it again. I love this tent because it reminds me of a little tree house and its great for taking to parks or the beach, any place you need shade for. Only thing is its got 10 poles and takes a little wrestling to put up but to make up for that its got a matching carrying case! Every kid that walked by wanted to play in it and I would have let them if my Guy wasn't asleep in his Moses basket another of my favorite things.

Jorg walked around with him for a short time after turning a small blanket into a makeshift hat (you always forget something when you have a newborn right? Even if you over pack and bring stuff you don't even need but might need and then you forget to bring something you need like a hat!)

The red balloon

There were games, of course. Last year, Jorg and I took 3rd place (out of like 50 teams) in the water balloon contest. This year my spine was still bruised from having a baby so its painful to jump at all so my friend stood in for me. And they came in 2nd!!! (out of like 60 teams). I guess I was holding Jorg back!

She totally won in being careful and polite!

Jorg and My Girl also played a game where the Dad lays on the ground holding 3 cups on his forehead and the kids run over to a tub of water to fill up there cups and then pour it into the cups on their dad's forehead. My Girl understood how to do it but she waited her turn at the tub and then carefully and slowly brought the cup back. And instead of pouring it all over Jorg, she super carefully (without spilling a drop) poured it into one cup. By this time the game was over.

Big Beach Ball!

After all the games and food and a few rides, we brought out the 48" beach ball for its maiden bouncing! I inflated it about 1/3 of the way (if that) before I got lightheaded. Then Jorg took over and finished it off.

Atlas Shrugged...
Then after we were done playing with it we unleashed it in the field! There was a pack of kids chasing and pushing this ball almost at all times! And when you throw this ball up in the air while kids are chasing it, they go crazy! I recommend everyone get a 48" ball and huge field!

Best toy ever!

I'm on a boat! never forget! Okay I wasn't on the boat but My Girl and her Friend were. They kept trying to stand up and dropped their ores in a lot. The lake or pond (I'm not quite sure what qualifies it to be either)... a swimming hole? But it has TONS of GIANT catfish in it. The bridge I am standing on when I took the picture was being used to catch and release catfish. The bait was pieces of hot dogs! CATfish easting hotDOGS, get it? (I am easily amused) I kinda wanted to catch one but felt too badly about having a hook ripped out of their mouth and then thrown back in. It seemed cruel. Maybe its my close bond with fish. One of my favorite pets and best was my red beta fish of 3 years, that I got in college, Sir Rupert (Roo Roo). I adored that fish so much that I may have my one and only tattoo of him.

rowing to a Lonely Island

Then it was time to pack up and go home. We were one of the first ones to get there and absolutely the last to leave. As we were putting everything away, we noticed something in the tree next to us.

Spider's town

A pair of shoes caked with dried mud. These have been here so long that there are 3 different aged spider webs on them and another fresh one with a spider. These shoes have been here so long, that nature decided, "I'm taking it back!". These shoes are very stuck on this tree by the way... might be glued on.
How you know the day was crazy fun!

Then we drove home as My Girl ate more popcorn. When suddenly the crunching stopped, I turned around and saw a sleeping girl! A FUN DAY!


  1. What happened to the beach ball?

  2. I want that beachball. Can I have it?