Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cat Farming is Hardwork

Sookie in the grass
I don't think I ever talked about the strange origins of Sookie (AKA Sookie-dilla). It was just before I got pregnant so at the beginning of October 2010. It is a cool dark night and my husband hadn't come from work yet. Me and My Girl were coloring next to the fireplace. It had a modest little fire burning in it. The doorbell rang.
Sookie jumping down from the old tree (since fallen)
I thought about not answering the door as it was late and I wasn't expecting anyone at that time. I reluctantly got up and opened the door. There was no one there but a cardboard pet carrier with the words "pet pet pet" printed all over the white box. I opened the box and was happily surprised that it wasn't like dog poop or something awful. It was a little orange tabby cat.
Who could say no to this face?
She immediately hissed and growled at me. She was so tiny I wasn't sure she was old enough to be away from her mom. I had always wanted an orange tabby cat. Like truly, I have owned almost every other kind of cat (save for Siamese -and I have no desire to- and Savannah cats -which I am saving for my golden years) but never a orange tabby. It was after I looked into her snarling eyes and fell in love that I realized my husband was gonna kill me. We had 2 cats of our own, 3 strays hanging around, and a cat that lived in our backyard and is like 100 years old. AKA TOO MANY ANIMALS! but there was no one around and she was so little and whenever I looked at her hissing face I heard the song "You are the sunshine of my life". I explained this to my husband and he was unmoved. I tried "so hard" to find her a home but I'd named her and everything so I kept her. 

She's a truly easy cat to fall in love with and she won everyone in the house over, when she stopped hissing and spitting at us.

Pregnant Sookie's backside

As I neared my due date,  we noticed she'd gotten quite plump and was with kitten(s). We have never owned a female cat and had no clue if she was old enough to get fixed yet. I guess so!

Well, 2 days ago she gave birth to her kittens! Its just amazing!
A family of ginger cats!
I am glad she only had 2 because I really do need to get homes for these lovelys. Even I am starting to feel like we have too many animals! Sookie rounded it out perfectly.

Lincoln and Scott: they would be jealous if I didn't pic them too

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