Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mama Sookie's Kitten Update

Mama Sookie!
NOTE: How come there's a red eye removal tool but not a green cat eye removal tool in my photo editor! This is a call to action. I guess you just can't capture the soul of Mama Sookie!

On August 12th, Sookie gave birth to 2 little kittens. She's back to her pre-pregnancy weight... which seemed to come so easily to her and I am not jealous at all :P

Her Little ones, which I call them that because if I name them, I'll want to keep them, have their eyes open and Sookie is able to leave the room to get a break for about 10 minutes at a time. Its funny they don't call her back, she misses them and goes back.

My Girl has dubbed her Mama Sookie because that's what you call Cats with baby kittens!

Little Tigers!

These 2 cuddle so much and I use visiting them as a treat to get My Girl to do things! They opened their sweet blue eyes, mew less, purr more, and now try to chase after their Mama Sookie!

Everything's cute when it sleeps
And the cat who happily still hasn't found out about the kittens and probably thinks we gave away Sookie:

Objects in picture are larger than they appear!

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