Sunday, September 11, 2011


After months of the Kinect bowling, which is a favorite in this house, we ventured out and got to a real bowling alley. Blacklights, lasers, Rebecca Blackwell's Friday (it was Saturday), and those fashionable bowling shoes, it held a little more magic then the Kinect.

My Girl loved the shoes and having her own 6lb ball, baby blue, which was the lightest they had. We tried to keep the bumpers down and help her throw it. But it resulted in lots of gutter balls so we sure did put up those bumpers! It was so much more fun with bumpers!

They provided My Girl with this contraption that the kids roll the ball down. It made it so much better for her to play!

After her all came out of the hole, she'd look in and say "thank you". LOLZ! Eventually, she didn't need any help. "Can you please help me?" is usually what she asks over and over again. Which translates to "do it for me" and we are not about that in this family.

But she'd get her own ball and roll it down the lane. Then she'd do a little booty shake dance!

Right before we left, she discovered the vent! 

My Guy woke up at the bowling alley and had some giggles and smiles for everyone. Afterward, we decided to continue our super kid friendly day by going to the Joe's Crab Shack that has a children's playplace there! Plus, they have the cheesiest/corniest drink: the Shark Bite! If you know me, you know that I love the corny things!

This is IT! The shark has a shot of grenadine in it and you pour it in the blue! I love this cheesy place! 

My Guy enjoyed the outdoor decor! It was an absolutely wonderful day out!

Jorg and My Guy are cute but its the people in the background that really grab my eye!

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