Sunday, September 25, 2011


This was my compost pile when I first started my garden. It was full of chopped up pulled weeds, wood chips, fireplace ashes, and over time kitchen scraps. For sure its not the optimal formula of greens and browns. But we keep it wet and covered and the heat sure helps. Oh and we turn it about once every 3 days. It absolutely doesn't smell. I know you are doing something right if it doesn't smell. That being said, its reduced our kitchen waste dramatically and we only throw out about 1 bag of trash, 2 rarely, a week. To be fair we also made a recycle bin and stopped buying a ton of prepared food around the same time. Egg shells, coffee grounds, bad apples, lettuce (which frequently goes bad in our house, stupid leaf freezing refrigerator!), bad tomatoes, potato peels, carrot peels, cores of lettuce, those grapes that are too squishy, anything that doesn't have oil or animal fat in it.

We now have at least 6 bags of compost chilling at the bottom of this pile. Yesterday, I added a lot more dried weeds, grass clippings, corn stalks, and assorted bad veggies on to it. Its not a difficult undertaking to make a compost pile and not gross. Its kinda neat to watch it turn back into healthy soil, cause my backyard is essentially sand. I think we are just gonna keep adding on to it whenever it gets flat again until next march to have just an amazing amount of happy dirt!

Oh it doesn't stink but there is a lot of "wildlife", Crickets, earwigs, snake, alligator lizard, a healthy amount of spiders, worms, rollies pollies, and beetles. I think a Opossum was there for a while until my 30lber cat , Lincoln, scared it away.

How to Compost

Your dirt can be happy too!


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