Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eggplant Attack

I almost didn't plant it this year. Last year,  I bought one and it got mauled by bugs and I only got 1 eggplant for all my pride. Discouraged, I saw no reason to plant any again.

Fortunately, if you are lucky you surround yourself by amazing people. People who will encourage you and challenge your doubts of yourself. I have several of these friends but only one who is as crazy about eating Eggplant as I was. She convinced me to plant six and they have flourished.

I plan to be eating eggplant with red curry or eggplant parm for a least a month. But I'm saving some for my eggplant champion.

The first harvest should be about tomorrow or so. I know Jorg's excited! YAY! Eggplant! We need to try alot of different recipes with eggplant. Any one got one they wanna share?

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