Saturday, September 3, 2011

Garden Update: Tiki Moon Garden

Jorg refusing to water the corn anymore

I love the sunlight but there's something more appealing about a garden at night. So serene, so alive, and not at all sweltering. I decided to bring out the old tiki torches I bought for My Girl's first birthday in 2009. They hadn't been used since that pirate party and Jorgfest. I also love fire btw.

the camera adds 10 shades of darkness
The tomatoes aren't doing so hot right now. They suffered a bout of root rot and then extremely hot weather. They also had most of their branches laying on the ground. I tied them up today and cut off alot of the dry dead branches and fermenting tomatoes. All into compost so it wasn't a waste. The peppers however are doing well. We recently discovered we'd mixed up our habanero plant and jalapenos. We were really shocked with how hot the jalapenos were, it totally makes sense now. We are planning on making some hot sauce, smoking some peppers, and making red pepper flakes with the cayenne.

The new bird bath and feeder plot
I moved the bird bath since my pine tree (which was dead 3 years ago) finally fell over. The cucumbers are coming in there and they are bitter. I'm going to have to figure out why. But I'm pretty sure its the heat, or the quality of our sand... I mean soil!

The cucumber in my raised bed is so ugly brown. That I just ripped it out and decided I still don't really like cucumbers. But the new pride of my garden!: Eggplant. We made a delicious red pork curry with it on Monday night. Jorg wants to make eggplant parm with it. I love eggplant and will probably grow a larger plot of them next summer. They do some well in our hot dry wasteland :P and they are amazingly yummy! I actually only grew them at the request of my friend, whose in Spain but might be back in time to have some Eggplant!

Strawberry field next year
Our strawberries are big and bushy. They look so strong and healthy. But only a handful of berries came off them and I am wondering if they will go crazy next season. The raspberries and boysenberries are growing well too! And the herbs are growing back huge after being harvested!

A table full of herbs that need hanging still
It has been so nice sitting out in the garden each night after the heat has mellowed out a bit. Sipping a glass of red wine and listening to the crickets chirp. Seeing bar owls fly over the garden on their way to hunt in the fields. Sitting at the table snacking on garden grown tomatoes and pickles while Jorg bbq's some burgers or rotisserie chicken on his awesome barbecue! Painting at the table with My Girl and not worrying about cleaning up the mess at night.
having fun!
Pushing her on the swing set with the glow of the moonlight on our skin. Playing Moon monsters and chasing each other in between the garden plots.
Burn baby burn
Having friends over to a rather large fire and some home-brew beer as My Girl stands on the futon and sings to the moon. We really love the moon in this family!
to the
Reflecting on my tiny little farm! It all makes me smile.

The cooler night air makes it so My Girl can play with her dump trucks and dinosaurs outside. She made the dinosaurs line up in what I thought was a circle.
Me: "What a lovely dinosaur circle!"
My Girl: "Its not a circle, its a dinosaur oval."
Me: "oh... what a lovely dinosaur oval,"
Don't you love being schooled by your 3 year old? LOL!

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