Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My Girl currently loves two things: Karate and Golf. So on the days there is no karate class, we run some drills for karate of course (practice makes prefect) and then we play golf. I recently got her a little plastic golf set and she adores it. Every morning I hear,
                    My Girl: "Are we going to Karate today?"
                    Mama: "No, darling. That's tomorrow."
                    My Girl: "Let's play GOLF! I get the golf balls and the clubs."
This is all before she gets out of bed...
We use big soccer balls and the tiny golf balls in our game of golf. It reads a little more like croquet because golf is hard and I am terrible at it! Absolutely terrible at it. Even at mini golf, with the little windmills. I end up raging after my 40th stroke! Golf ranks slightly below Bowling on my dislike-o-meter. But I bowl because my daughter loves it and now I Golf because she loves it.
I teach a less convectional golf of course. One of the Wreck This Journal activities is to use the book in a game of golf. So we hit the ball back and forth through the book and sometimes place the hole on the other side. My Girl is much better at it then I am! But she has passion and whenever you have passion you do it better.
Though I dislike Golf, because its hard and boring etc, I think its something probably important for her to know how to do. Its a long way off, of course, but there is alot of business that happens on the golf course. I don't want her excluded or being at a disadvantage for that should she choose to go into that world. Like I said I know its a far way off and a perhaps at that but its my job to prepare her for the "grown up world" and I'll do it. Even if golf sucks.

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