Friday, September 2, 2011

Herb Harvest

So many herbs!
My lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, and sage were crazy over grown and some of them about to flower. It is time to harvest and dry them. We just can't keep up with their growth by using them fresh!
Feeling slightly overwhelmed

We washed them and towel dried them off to get off the garden dust. Then we strung them up!

Yay for tall people

Or rather Jorg did because I had to stand on a latter to reach and am notoriously clumsy. So yeh Jorg insisted on doing it... something about not wanting to go to the doctor's office today! LOL

herbs hanging
I love the way herbs look hanging. Its one of the most beautiful decorations. The herbs perfumed the air. Mostly you could smell the rosemary and peppermint, especially when we sat at the table for dinner. Poor dinner was upstaged by the rosemary!

a quart of dried rosemary
I have 3 quarts of rosemary, 1 pint of lavender, 2 pints thyme, 1 quart chocolate peppermint, 3 pints of sage, 1 quart lemon balm, and a pint of raspberry leaves. I got the fixings for some amazing tea, sage butter, and rosemary heaven. I am saving alot of it aside to send with my cousin who is coming over from Colorado, where their growing season is short. So a couple pints and quarts will be making something delicious in Colorado! I love sharing herbs. They are a passion of mine! I'd grow all herbs if I could and grind them into medicines... that is once I get my certificate of Herbology.

Cayenne Peppers

We dried some cayenne peppers too and tried to dry parsley but it was long dead. But gotta do alot more drying of peppers... I'm pepper rich!

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