Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle!

During my insomnia pregnancy, I spent many, many hours up alone/bored at night. Mostly I watched television while I read up on my blogs, crafts, recipes, crochetting, gardening (forgot to read up on corn LOL). I ended up stuck on a marathon of The Biggest Loser! Which has its flaws as a weight loss program but it gets results. One common thing seemed to be that the parents were also unhealthy. They passed down their bad habits to their children and their children seemed to add on to that as well. The parents talked about how horrible it was to watch their children suffer for what they did to them and how guilty they felt (their children did not blame them at all). But it stuck with me. I had started to be okay with having an extra scoop of ice cream on my cone. You know one of those, "I am what I am" kind things. I absolutely don't want my daughter or my son to struggle with their weight. Despite the health risks, its not always a kind world we live in.

I don't want them to be anything but healthy. I want to be the family that runs marathons together. I want my children to look in a mirror and see how great they are, not their every imagined flaw. I know most women out their no matter what they really look like or how much they weigh believe they are overweight and unattractive. And I am going to try my hardest to make sure my kids don't ever get into that mindset.

So for months I sat on my couch crochetting with an 8lber in my belly, thinking about how to start this weightloss for me and a healthy lifestyle for my family. Jorg chimed in on it here and there... LOL! We decided it would be bike riding. Our city just opened up an awesome bike trail. We just needed to get Jorg a bike and My Girl a trailer and a babysitter for My Guy (<--- thanks Grandma Ghee!) and we were off on the road to a healthy family... and possibly heat stroke.

We set off at noon on a triple digit day... not our brightest idea. I guess we were just so excited. The trail is amazing! It passed right by a park and My Girl asked to play there. We told her we were riding downtown first and then on the way back we'd play.

Going to downtown was awesome! I hardly had to peddle. Heading back... now that where the trouble started. Now it was all up hill and up hill with a vengeance! Half way back, my brain caught on fire from the heat and my helmet. Its was 101 out. We walked our bikes up the hill the last 2 blocks. Okay maybe it wasn't a hill but it was very sloped. The park was nice, there was shade, a water fountain to fill the water bottle up with and pour it over our heads.

It was miserably hot and My Girl was unhappy because there was no one at the park to play with... Everyone else kept their children out of the sun like smarties. After cooling down a little bit and soaking in some lukewarm water, we decided to head back on the trail.

As soon as we got to the trail, I noticed my bike had a flat. Jorg said he'd ride up ahead and get the bike pump that we'd left at home and bring it back. Then I noticed the the trailer has a flat. So the rest is the story of my pulling the trailer behind me as I walked my bike down the trail.

This building is the Solevene Hall. I have no idea what it does but my sun frying brain thought it was neato!

Still the hall. I fancied the plant meets fence. This would be the only green I saw on my 2 hour walk.

Okay and this too. I actually went to preschool here. It looks less hot then it was.

The community garden. I found it!!! Its amazing what you miss when you are in a car.

I really liked the trail. I just wish there were more trees for shade or something.

We eventually made it home (a 3 hour tour!) and laid under the air conditioning vents and drank gatorade and water like mad. It was a neat, partially miserable little trip and the next one will be much better. We committed to live an active lifestyle for our family. We now have also committed to bringing a tire pump with us, a tire repair kit, sunscreen, and water!

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