Friday, September 23, 2011


It was time to get My Girl into a structured social activity. Get her ready for preschool next year. We had considered several things. Dance class, gymnastics class, cheer leading class, pee wee soccer, pee wee t-ball, or ballet/tap class. But as a parent, I feel like there are certain I need to have my daughter know. One of which is self defense. I know, I know,  a 3 year old isn't gonna be fighting off any attackers or probably not gonna be attacked and I don't expect that for her now. I expect for her to have fun, build confidence, and social skills.
We went to a free trial class for the mini tigers, age 3-6.  My Girl absolutely loved it! She talked about it the whole week until it was time for the next class that we signed up for. Plus, she looks soooooo cute in her uniform.
She's doing so well. I'm so proud of her and its wonderful to see her have a passion. She wants to practice karate all the time. Well, that and golf. its her new thing too. Which is definitely one of the things I want her to know how to do. Business happens during golf. So we will take her mini golfing soon :P
During her 3rd class, she won her first tug o war match! She also won her second! Which is amazing because she's the youngest and smallest. She's also the only girl in her class. I don't know why more girls aren't in karate. The instructor is fantastic! She and the assistant are both women and absolutely amazing at get the group of kids to listen and be nice to each other.
She's still the sweet little girl despite her new growing abilities to beat people down. A boy in her class took his belt off and started hitting people with it. The instructor took away his belt and told him he could have it back after he performed 10 punches. The boy threw himself on the floor and sobbed, his mom said he missed his nap (we have all been there). My Girl went over to him and put a hand on his back and asked him, "what's wrong?" and she tried to comfort him. She even tried to give him her belt but she couldn't get it off.
The class has been a very positive experience and she's so cute in her uniform!

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