Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kitten Update!

They are on the move! Its getting SO hard not to name these two. I must confess, I have been toying around with names in my head, like Woods and Lily (Cause they look like tigers). However, I have been able to stop myself from saying it out loud. I need to start finding homes for these sweeties!


This is the girl cat. She is the curious, adventurous one. She was the first to be born and the first to walk. She is the one who ventured to where the tile meets the carpet of the bedroom before the other one. Sookie is constantly following after this one.

This dark orange one is the boy. Yes, Mama Sookie had a boy and a girl kitty. He's the cuddly Mama Sookie's boy. 

They do cute cat stuff like wrestle and meow and stalk around after rogue bits of string. I love cats. I am totally a crazy cat lady but I hold my addiction back because of the husband and kids. I still plan getting a 35K cat (Savannah). But that's not for at least 18 years or so. I am gonna name him Gavin but enough of 18 year events or whenever I can save up 35K for him. These kittens are absolutely free! They need a happy wonderful home. Which is what I need to start looking for a home for them. Any takers?

Cutie kitties!

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