Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kitten Update

Anyone want one, they are FREE and they are way talented cats. Very special and very beautiful. They may also grant 3 wishes... just saying.

They have started litter box training now and eating kitten chow. Almost time to leave the cat nest. I haven't named them but I will miss them. My Girl spends most of her day play with them. They are definitely getting used to be around small children.

The dark orange one has gotten much more adventurous then the light orange one. I dunno what happened.

Sookie Mama is such a worry wart. She runs out into the kitchen and the kittens meow and then she runs back.

The snake is a favorite toy of the kittens, My Girl, and generally everyone in the house!

My Girl builds towers out of boxes, tents out of sheets, and forts out of pillows for the kittens to climb through.

And so no one gets jealous:

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