Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Guy's Nursery

This room was actually my room when I was little. My husband remarked, "you lived in a closet?" But its big enough for a small child for sure and he's hardly gonna be in this room until he's like 4 months or so. It used to be the computer room, then a storage room, and now my baby's room.

 We cleaned out all the junk. Then we had to pull out the carpet because it was 20 years old and it was so gross! I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors with hot water, borax, salt, baking soda, white vinegar, and a few SOS pads. It wasn't alot of fun, Disney lied to me. Cinderella made it look like loads of fun. Scrubbing the floor with a bristle brush, looking good, singing while little critter friends played along. No, it was nothing like that. It was dirty, gritty, stinky, and hot! The cats didn't play along they just got in my way! The only fun part was when the concrete floor dried, My Girl and I whistled and sang. The echo was amazing! The scrubbing was not.

Eventually, it came time to put stuff in it. That is after the crib and changing table were finally put together. That took 1 1/2 days! There was like 200 pieces! The instructions were great but there were alot of them! Since My Guy is already born I didn't want to fill the house with paint fumes. So we hung some tapestries instead. The Jorg's Coffee flag from when Jorg owned his own coffee shop (miss that place sometimes) and the Irish Flag with Dragons on it (because those things are awesome)! Filled his book shelf with dolls and toys that My Girl has taken a few of and eventually returned them. I still need to get a lampshade for the bear lamp but the electrics are all brand new.

This is his crib all set up with some fancy bedding, an elephant, a soccer ball, platypus, and a holly hobbie musical mobile!

We put a large rug down to cut down on the echo and cover some of that concrete. He really likes it in there. I didn't except him to sleep in there so easily but the holly hobbie vintage mobile (lol) mesmerized him! I love how organized and clean his room is and has stayed! I especially love that most of the stuff in his room is re-purposed, handed down, and free. I think I only bought the bedding and elephants. LOL. I am proud of the room we made for him and he loves it too!

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