Monday, September 12, 2011

Whale Watching and First Trip to the Beach


This the face I get to wake up every morning too. That is when I get to sleep! This morning we all piled out of bed and headed out, finally in search of the beach! We have been trying to make it to the beach since February. But things kept coming up and causing a ruckus so no beach. My Guy stayed with his Ghee for the day. Thanks Ghee!

My cousin, who honestly the way we were raised is more like my sister -you only children know what I am talking about!- came to town all the way from the mile high state and had a birthday party for her oldest at the beach! But before we got to the beach, we decided to take full advantage of the trip out to the beach!

We boarded the Patriot in Newport Landing for a 2 1/2 hour whale watching trip, Jorg's idea and a great one. We were running late and barely made the boat so I forgot rubber bands, brush, sun glasses, etc. as we ran to the boat.

We saw pelicans, nursery pods of the common dolphin and the bottlenosed dolphin, a jellyfish, seagulls (of course), and dolphins that had round heads (can't remember what they are called- but they had like 12 teeth and exclusive ate squid.) At least that's what the Captain was saying.

I must say, these dolphins are so much fast then my camera. I took like 200 pictures of these dolphin and when I look at them there are only ripples of the ocean. Maybe I need a quicker camera!

We didn't see any whales. Insert sad face here... but we got vouchers for a second whale watching trip for 50% off! Its called a dolphin check.

My Girl has a wonderful time watching the birds, asking if the tail of that dolphin belonged to Ariel, asking when we'd see a whale (over and over again) and eat cheetos while trying to manufacture a way to keep her hair out of her face.

Something about staring out into the ocean makes you feel so peaceful. It definitely made me want a boat to chill on, something I never had any desire for. I want a Spanish galleon with a yacht interior! But dreams, eh?

It was so much fun! I highly recommend it if you get the chance. We even met a wonderful couple from Jorg's hometown. We didn't see a whale or like I secretly desired a REALLY BIG shark, sometimes you wanna be terrified!

The Newport Landing Whale Watching is the place to go. The crew was very accommodating to us running late and actually held the boat for us. They took safety very seriously and the ship was beautiful. I like going on the morning voyage because it wasn't terribly crowd at all. You could move around easily from one side of the boat or another without bumping into each other or pushing each other out of the way to see the dolphins. The Captain gave very great information about all the sitings. We also got long opportunities to see each dolphin pod. It was wonderful! We will be using them again, especially with our dolphin checks.

I imagine this is a constant on the whale watching trip... the sea lions on a buoy. A nice way to wrap up it up. My Girl stood across from them barking like a seal and then it was onto Huntington beach!

We greeted our family and Jorg took My Girl into the water. Where she kicked, screamed, climbed him like a cat trying to stay away from water, and eventually persuaded Jorg to bring her back to land.

        Jorg: "What are you so afraid of, its just water?"
        My Girl: " I don't want it!"
        Jorg: "Why?"
        My Girl: "I'm afraid to step... I'm afraid to step on the Whales!"

I remember my first time in the water at the beach. I was terrified and probably about her age. The ocean kept trying to pull me in and somehow even though I was standing in one place the shore kept getting further and further away. My Girl spent the day playing with her cousins, chasing seagulls, digging in the sand, and being amazingly cute! Jorg spent the day swimming in the ocean and then body boarding. I spent it doing a little of each but mostly sitting on the beach with my cousin!

We had obviously a wonderful time. The weather was perfect! It was my cousin's oldest daughter birthday and we were walking back to the parking lot to get my lighter for the candles of the cake. A huge Harley run passed through on the PCH right then. It must have been 15 minutes long in remembrance of 9/11. We discussed what we felt that day. She was a teacher to young children at the time and I was in high school. Just the differences of what we felt changed and how we had to deal with it. 

It was wonderful to see them all together like this and to be able to celebrate this wonderful, smart girl's birthday with her. BTW that's a California grown lemon she's holding!  Happy Birthday you wonderful, smart, sweet, and generally amazing little girl growing up so fast! Man, I remember when she was born!

It was an amazing day and I will treasure it always... there's just something about the ocean. I can't wait to got back again. I tried desperately to stay awake in the car and so did My Girl, but we both fell asleep pretty quickly. But the day still ended how every trip to the beach should with A double double animal style with extra pickles with animal style fries and and iced tea. Either that or spaghetti.

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