Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wreck this Journal!

The new crafty craft!

Well, a long time ago, My Girl and I had an arts and crafts time. I had bought a box of crafts, Made By Me Junior Box of Projects. My Girl called it "Crafty Crafts". We spent an hour every afternoon or evening, depending on how busy we were that day, doing one of the projects in the box. The box contained supplies to make:

*2 paper bag puppets (bags, glue stick, cardboard & sticker decorations)
*2 "tissue paper" animals (sticky board, tissue, google eyes)
*several tissue paper flowers (tissue, pipe cleaners)
*several foam-bead bracelets or necklaces (elastic thread, foam beads)
*1 coloring roll storybook and markers
*4 clay animals (modeling clay, cardboard heads & feet)
*1 sticker art page (farm backdrop + lots of stickers)
*1 teddy bear paper doll (cardstock bear + sticker clothing & accessories)
*1 "mosaic" heart (cardstock heart + foam sticky squares)

These were easy to make but I felt like it kinda stifled creativity. Here are the premade crafts, now put them together kinda thing. Kids are sooo creative! It amazes me how they think of the world, the stories they come up with for their stuffed animals, or the descriptions of the pictures. Its fabulous. This Project box is good for teaching skills like glue stick, gluing, threading, and other art skills but not for actually creating things. It was fun though. So when we finished the box of crafts, I decided not to get another one or pursue that line anymore. I researched for something else to do. For 2 weeks, I heard, "Mama, lets do crafty craft." I'd substitute playdough, saltdough, painting, or coloring. But it wasn't the same. Then I found Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith

Crack the Spine

It is just what it says it is. There are prompts on each page like "cracked the spine of the book", "fill this page with circles", "poke holes in this page", "climb up high and drop the journal", "Glue a photo of yourself you dislike and deface it" or "make prints on this page using an ink pad and cut vegetable."

The Instructions are: 

1. Carry this with you everywhere you go.
2. Follow the instructions on every page.
3. Order is not important.
4. Instructions are open to interpretation. experiment. (work against your better judgment.)

STAND HERE : Wipe your feet, jump up and down
This journal give us neat prompts that we change to fit what we want. We traced our feet and My Girl suggested we take pictures on our feet dirty. But she didn't want to actually get them dirty so we stood in grass and each took a picture and glued them in. 

Draw lines while in motion: on the bus, on a train, while walking.
This one we did while we bowled. This is gonna be an ongoing page. Once I can get My Girl to get into the ocean water, we will do it there too. It'll be a neat way to keep track of all the cool things we did. We are gonna do it while on the teacups at Disneyland!
Throw Something: a pencil, a ball dipped in paint

It so far has been a great buy! I recommend it. Its fun and helps you think out of the box. My Girl asks everyday if its time to journal. We do 2-3 pages a day. I read the directions and then I follow My Girl's lead. There nothing more creativity then a 3 year old! There are other books by Keri Smith that are just as interesting and look just as fun.

Wreck this Journal, This is NOT a book, Mess: The Manual of Accident and Mistakes, Guerrilla Art Kit

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