Friday, October 14, 2011

Bloggles (Playdough)

I try my hardest to limit television for My Girl. Some days are better than others. Put a blob of play dough down in front of her and BAM! You just bought yourself at least 2 hours to get housework done, pay bills, write a blog, Skype with your friend in Spain, and you know any activity.

We started to go through playdoh fast, or "bloggles" as My Girl calls it (no clue why). I was tired of making trips to the store to get more playdoh. Yeah, they are only like a dollar a can but they get gross so quickly and dry out and crumble. Unless I stood over My Girl and put a stop to most of the fun involved in playdoh just to make it last. Then what's the point. So I mixed up a couple batches of Kool-aid Playdoh.

Kool-aid playdoh is great. Its easy to make, plus the kiddos can help make it, and its smells yummy. Its a nice thing to mix up with the kid too.

Kool-Aid Play Dough

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 package of Kool-Aid
1 cup hot water
Combine ingredients and mix.

There's a few more recipes on this site like Gingerbread playdough, peanut butter playdough, sand playdough and a few more equally as interesting. But I love the kool-aid playdough!

Don't forget to throw some spoons, cookie cutters, butter knives, and a rolling pin down for increased playdough fun-age! Or perhaps a playdough play set.


  1. Awesome I'm going to try this! only thing is we have crazy ants I hope they don't get combined in playdough action...

  2. Ants LOL... it might end up being good pest control and fun! :P