Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sandcastles in the sand

 For My Girl's 3rd birthday, we promised her a sandbox. Her birthday came and went... no sandbox. We got the sand. Sand is cheap as ever! We just couldn't decide which one to buy. Definitely the lowest price we could find and it needed a cover. That was easy to find... the popular plastic turtle or crab. But I really hate to put something all man made and plastic in my organic garden/urban homestead. I definitely wanted something natural. So finally, we decided to build a sandbox ourselves from re-purposed materials.

With my best friend back from Spain and over for a visit, it seemed like a great time to get this project underway! We grabbed some large pieces of wood that used to hold up an old, old camper that we finally were able to give to someone else, and the some of the wood we bought last winter. Made a small rectangle with them and filled it with sand. It was a wonderful activity for everyone to do together and  My Girl has the satisfaction of having build a sandbox for herself!

My Girl: "We pulled the corn and made me a sand..."
Mama: "Yes, we did. We made a sandbox for you."
My Girl: "I'm gonna built a castle, this is my castle."

Now she refers to the sandbox as her "castle". She steals all my friends when they come over to visit and made K-dawg play in the sandbox with her for a couple hours. Then when she took a nap, we buried gemstones, golden doubloons, and some shiny beads from a broken necklace in the sandbox.

She started digging and was so excited to find treasures. She also attacked the dirt with K-dawg and got down right dirty. That was a change for a girl who has to wash her hands whenever she touches anything that is slightly dirty. It was a fun project with amazing results!

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