Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Village...

No not the M. Night movie, that everyone in the world hated but me. I loved it. I even bought it on DVD... I love an underdog romance. But I digress... Today we spent the day playing in the sandbox and weeding the backyard to reorganize, revitalize it. Pregnancy and baby taking care of is hard work and unfortunately my poor urban homestead is suffering. Er, was suffering. It now doing a lot better well the survivors are.

My Girl started to get bored of playing in the sand. We got the idea to build a village for her little toys. Each one of us went around the yard and gathered up anything we could to build this village.

It was so much fun. Figuring out what could be buildings, who lived where, where the stream went, who got cars, where the park was, and if we were done or not. Let me take you on a tour of The Village:

Welcome to Grow! The Home of Dora, ceramic turtle, lion, donkey, gnome, and elephant. Also the location of the famous ladybug building!

This is the village center. It has a "very fancy" bridge that link Dora (who lives with ceramic turtle) with the famous ladybug building. The gnome guards them both. To the right you'll see donkey eating a waffle in his house.

Donkey's house is the entrance to the town where the flag is being flown and the name of the town is posted!

Across the street from Donkey's house is Lion's (he has a wonderfully fast car). And next to his house is the park and lizard's house, who doesn't like the slide by the way.

This is My Girl's house.

The Ladybug building is located next to the duckpond. Where the 5 ducks of varying size share a drop of a pond with runs off to the center of town and forms a stream. I hoped you enjoyed your tour. I know I enjoyed mine!

It took a couple hours to build it and it was amazing to play with afterward. We still need to build a fairy house in town. But as it stands it my may heart warm to hear how creative My Girl was. We also put some golden coins and a treasure map in the sandbox and that rekindled that interest. We are having a wonderful time reworking the backyard to create a urban homestead that is more child friendly than it was.

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