Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back... for REALs.

Reading my friend's blog made me miss my blog! Weird and Epic Adventures in my Kitchen... Its really good. Her blog with the Crazy biscotti lady is awesome. It made me want to bake biscotti... but I haven't yet cause I am out of my 14lb bag of flour. I am gonna have to make a big run to Costco for FLOUR, pistachios, and chocolate! I'll make biscotti for everyone for years. Totally inspired by my friend at Waeaimk! Thanks!

As I was saying, I miss blogging. There's a period of time, for me anyways, after you have a baby that there is just to much to do. Then there's trying to get in a new rhythm for the day. I finally did that. I made some positive changes in my life as well.

1. I lost all my baby weight from My Guy.
2. I have begun to learn the electric violin (a dream of mine).
3. We bought a new car cause our old one exploded to bits and pieces which we sold.
4. I became a vegetarian. Not out of a moral conviction. Part of me wanted to see if I could and also because heart disease, strokes, all those bad things run in my family and meat is a huge contributor. That and meat is packed with calories like mad. Planning on cutting out cheese but I am not there yet.
5. I have fallen in love with every recipe that the PIONEER WOMAN posts.
6. We walk everywhere that we can. We don't take the car if its in walking distance. I love walking to the store everyday for dinner supplies!
7. I wrote a screenplay for Scriptfrenzy. 30 day. 100 pages. April. I finished it in 14 days! Just another one of those just to see if I could things.
8. I reconnected with my Best friend soulmate. I missed her. We went to Disneyland to celebrate our reunion! That's us up there. I am wearing the cheshire mickey hat... my friend wears it a million times better... but its MINE!

New things but not life changes, sorta...

My Girl can write and draw. I have been homeschooling her with amazing results! That's a picture of the TARDIS, a time travelling machine, tardis stands for, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Its shaped like an old blue police box. We are Whovians!

My Guy is learning to walk. He stands and takes a step but then sits back down. He is such a happy guy and is about to get his 2 bottom teeth in.

We are going to be moving soon. Its exciting and was filled with a lot of anxiety but its a new adventure and I embrace it! I plan on doing a blog post once a week but it will probably a few times a week cause I have time now.

I also would love to share with you my most favorite food of the moment. And that's my precious pioneer woman's Lazy Chile Rellenos! I replace the milk with a can of coconut milk and cook it a little bit longer. Its amazing with corn tortillas just like she says OMG!

Missed you all and will post again soon.

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