Thursday, April 26, 2012

Orange Cleanser

I love you using homemade cleaning products!

It makes me feel comfortable with My Girl helping me cleanup around the house. I can't imagine letting her run spray the clorox disinfectant spray and then wipe it off. I don't want her touching that stuff. Its poison. I don't even want that stuff in my house. I usually use white vinegar watered down with a little water. It surely doesn't look or smell like juice. Vinegar is clear and smells like vinegar... I don't think a lot of kids want to drink vinegar with its smell. 

(NOTE: vinegar is still an acid so don't chug a bottle of it or allow your children to.) 

But these modern store bought cleaners look like juice or koolaid. They also smell like it! 

I keep my cleaning supplies locked up and out of my kid's reach, just so everyone is clear on that. But if I don't even want them spraying or around it while I am cleaning, then I probably should find something else. Also vinegar is super cheap. I am super dedicated to saving money! It also is a more green solution to cleaning your house.

But the same of watered down vinegar can wear on you. Its not the clean bleachy smell we were raised to think of as clean. I found an amazing way to tone down the smell of the vinegar and boost the cleaning power of it. Thank you, Pinterest (what did I do before you?) and the idea comes from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen.

Yes, that's an old pickle jar with orange peels chilling in some vinegar. Its so easy! You probably eat oranges and throw (maybe compost) the peels away. Now just chuck them in a jar and pour the vinegar over them. I used a little the other day and just added more vinegar to replace it. It has a nice vinegar citrus smell. If you don't eat oranges, try lemon peels, grapefruit peels, lime peels, I don't see why any citrus rind wouldn't work! Make sure you fill the jar up with the rind. My pickle jar needed about 4 medium sized oranges to fill up. 

Right now, I am working on making a Pre-K homeschool binder for our roadtrip across America this summer. So when I finish I will certainly post it!

Happy cleaning!

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