Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hot Vanilla

I don't like chocolate.

There I said it. This is no surprise to the people who know me. I don't like soda either. I love water, best drink ever! This really causes me issues with weight loss though as the first recommendation is to cut soda out of your diet and to drink more water.

I am not a sweets fan. I love savory and spicy. Everything I eat either has sriracha or tapatio on it. Drives my husband crazy! But enough tangents.

I was grabbing a cup of coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea after grocery shopping when from the backseat My Girl asked for a hot chocolate. She said please. She had been amazingly helpful and well behaved in the store while I dealt with My Boy's not so good behavior. He is the screamer, egg smashing, 3 year old strapped into the cart yelling, "I'm stuck!" while trying to knock everything of the shelves. Not a pleasure to take shopping. I looked at the kid's menu and right under the hot chocolate was "hot vanilla". I ordered one of each and as soon as I tried it I was in love.

Its creamy, vanilla with almost a toffee flavoring. I found a recipe online because I can't be buying coffees and drinks for a coffee shop daily, who am I? Kim Kardashian? Nope, I got a budget!

It is really easy to make and super cheap. My husband says its like warm vanilla ice cream.

Without further ado,

Hot Vanilla

1 Cup milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp sugar

Put in a pan and warm up slowly. I stir mine like crazy to give it a whipped sort of consistancy, however it might make no difference to it at all. I just like to keep busy while watching any pot.

Pour in. Top it with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon if you are feeling fancy and enjoy!

Ps. My Girl loves this as a base to hot chocolate... if you still want chocolate. Nothing like a hot drink on a cold day after a long nap!

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