Monday, June 20, 2011

Deez NutZ!

Cinnamon Sugar Walnuts!

Decided to do this after I put some walnuts in my yogurt yesterday morning with banana slices!


Read more about it at,1647,133185-240197,00.html
Content Copyright © 2011 - All rights reserved.
1/2 cup sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg white
3 cups whole pecans (walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds)
Preheat oven to 350°F. 
Combine sugar, cinnamon and salt. Whisk egg white until frothy and add the nuts. Toss until well coated. 
Add dry ingredients and stir well.
Spread nuts on a cookie sheet lined with foil, in a single layer.

Bake for 20 minutes.

Cool and store in an airtight container. 

Can be frozen.


Garden Update!

Yesterday was Father's Day and I had grand plans to do stuff for my husband but I fell asleep and he spent the day working in the backyard. He had a wonderful time. He got to watch the race and spend time with his daughter. We got him 4 raspberry bushes for him as a present.

This our new bed, its our first raised bed! I planted 6 black beauty eggplants, 3 asparagus, and 10 shallots!

The boysenberry bushes where planted and I didn't get a picture of the trellis that we put behind it though and my cilantro is doing great... it hasn't bolted at all!

The Wonderful Pomegranate tree is no longer a stick. It has leaves!!! My Jorg and I are just so amazed by the growth here.

My Mother's container garden. It produced the first cherry tomato! I'm told it was amazing and delicious! I was also promised the second one.

 I think its time to replant my calendula some where cause it exploded!!! with leaves all out of the container!

This is a "before" picture taken a couple months ago. The box we used for our raised bed that has the eggplant in it now.

My man hard at work with his new tool to get weeds. GET 'EM! It works really well, I think its called Hula Ho. I recommend it!

The semi-"after" picture. All the weeds are gone and the trench for my box. I am planting my herbs in here. I should be done in like 2 weeks. Pregnancy and work makes for slowness. I am going to be planting chamomile, parsley, basil, oregano, dill and some marigolds in the mix. It should run from the edge of the house to the light pole. Its very exciting to see our UH grow and grow, both up and to each side of the yard. Last year, I had 2 plots.

Jorg's pride and joy, the CORN. He loves this crop! Its getting ready to do something cause there are flower buds doing something there, see?

A quick over view of the garden from the east side.

I just really liked this water in action picture next year we plan on using rain barrels and drip irrigation. But that will take some time to put in. One step at a time, right?

The play place is getting more and more kid friendly too. I do want to put in woodchips or grass here soon. Make it more fun for my Girl!

My Girl has been asking to color a lot lately and since she's scribbled on the walls before I keep them out of reach. But she never really had any interest in it. Every morning, afternoon, and evening  she wants to color. I put the crayons on the table and the coloring books too. This way she can color whenever she wants as long as she stays at the table. 2 weeks and no eating of crayons or coloring on the walls! YAY! Oh and I put onions there too.

Thats the UH for this week! Hopefully in 2.5 weeks we will have a new addition! Can you tell I am tired of being pregnant yet?

Rosewater and Shortbread

Look at these Roses!!!

Rosewater. Is there anything so sweet smelling (by any other name?)? j/k... that was horrible. I bought rosewater in college to freshen my bed linens cause it smelled awesome. I had disposable income at that time and could easily splurge on rosewater. But now I have to save money, by off brands, buy clearance, and only "essentials", which does not include rosewater! *sob*

I didn't even know I could make my own rosewater until a friend of mine posted on FB that she was making it and I wanted to grab her via message and be like TELL ME HOW! But I was busy or something I dunno so I didn't. But then one of my favorite blogs had it on there. She had a tutorial on making rosewater at Five Green Acres!

My Girl and I followed the Five Green Acres tutorial but we followed our own too.

Step 1: After picking the roses of course, Smell the Roses!

Step 2: Pull the petals off all 19 roses and smell them some more.

Step 3: You put a small amount of the petals in pot, like this. DON'T PUT TO MUCH water or roses. Or the bowl will bounce around and spill your rosewater.

Step 4: Boil and smell the roses! Then you have rosewater! For more detailed how to, go to the link at five green acres, I love that blog!

The end result... the water is clear but I felt like the whole thing needed some pink added to it. It doesn't make a whole lot. This is about 25 roses worth of water. So now you know why its so expensive!

VeganYumYum>> Lavender Shortbread

1 Cup Earth Balance, softened (Used Butter instead)
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
1-2 tsp Rosewater
1 1/2 Tbs Dried Culinary Lavender
2 Cups All Purpose Flour

Preheat oven to 325F

Its not a difficult recipe. But I wanna keep credit the proper blog for this recipe. Go to VeganYumYum for the perfect tutorial of yumminess.

This is my new cookie jar. The Police Box Tardis. Its full of cookies! Best gift ever! and it goes so well with my brit cop but a Doctor Cookie Tin would go well with it.

All my bags are packed... I'm READY!

So the doctor told me I could go into labor at 37 weeks! I am so excited. I am really close. I feel like its going to be quite soon though. I got my hospital bag all packed up and ready to go by the door.

I got this bag when Kohl's opened years ago and I love it! My Girl likes to point out the cats, ice cream,and sponge bob square pants. So last time, I might not have expected to you know stay at the hospital for 3 days or be 1.5 hours away from home. I didn't bring much but an outfit for the baby and a toothbrush and bandanna. It wasn't very comfortable. Now that my hospital is like 5 minutes or so from my house, I'm super prepared! I printed out a list and everything!

What to bring to the hospital

For you:
  • Medical ID Card
  • Toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balm, brush, hair clip or band(anna), lotion, and cosmetics, deodorant) 
  • Nightgowns (if you prefer your own, I so do!): I got two nightgowns one with Eeyore and one pretty blue one that when I tried on My Girl said, "Oh Mama, You so CUTE!" I know it was sincere because when I tried on the other one that looked awful she said, "You no cute no more," LOL.
  • Non-Skid Slippers: I am crazy clumsy LOL so yeah I got a pair.
  • Hand fan or Spray mist bottle: I am not packing this... I honestly don't remember needing to be fanned and I can't think of how annoyed I'd be if someone was spraying water on my face. 
  • Underwear: I don't know if you all have had the postpartum underwear they give you at the hospital but they are these awful mesh things. Always bring a lot of them!
  • Supportive bra or nursing bra (for breastfeeding): Not gonna breastfeed but got some good bras!
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to wear home: Okay, I haven't quite packed this yet. Because I wear them everyday! I tried to get a special going home outfit but everything was way too tight!
  • Camera
  • Snacks: Not yet, but the hospital is right next to a grocery store and an In-n-Out.
For Baby:
  • Infant safety seat
  • Outfit for going home
  • Receiving blankets
  • Mittens

I threw in Cribbage, Scrabble Slam, Organic cotton yarn and crochet needles, stuffed elephant doll, a picture of My Girl, and some awesome lotions my Mom gave me! A few extras... I want to get a present for My Girl to give to My Boy and My Boy to give to My Girl. Especially since everyone's birthday is during my due date week. I just haven't decided on what yet. Someone told me a baby doll but my daughter doesn't really do baby dolls. She likes action figures and cars. I am thinking he gets her a firetruck or something. She gets him like a baby toy or something. Its really all about making her feel good. Seeing a picture of herself and she loves getting and giving presents.

Last time, I slept most of the time. So did Jorg and my Mom sat by bored as heck I am sure. Then it was alot of excitement and baby and exciting and hungry and I got to eat but I must confess I loved the unlimited supply of ICE CHIPS (CRUSHED)... I look forward to the ICE CHIPS and the baby too of course!

Monday, June 13, 2011

These are a few of my favorite blogs

I thought I'd let everyone know where my inspiration and any kind of knowledge of UH and other stuff like that comes from. As for the picture above, I am showcasing my favorite blogs so I want to showcase my all time favorite painting: , The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis, 1818, by Jacques-Louis David. Its currently at the Getty Center.

A list of my favorite blogs:

  • A Cozy Kitchen: The most delicious one I go to! I try to keep up with her recipes and am always happy when I make one, cause its a-licious (amazing+delicious=a-licious.)
  • New Life on a Homestead: Currently, homemade hamburger buns and tortillas have me hooked.
  • Crafting a Green World: Tons of ways to up cycle and recycle things into art.
  • Nest Of Posies: The photography is enchanting and the projects are beautiful.
  • Cat Versus Human: A place for any cat lover to feel at home and laugh about it! I LIKE CAKE...
  • The Laughing Monkey: I find this blog so calm and peaceful but at the same time very creative.
  • FarMama: I just love the life around their farm!
  • SouleMama: I love her photography and the centering "right now"
  • Urban Homestead Diaries: This blog makes me so homesick. I love the words, the pictures, the projects, the amazing blogger (who founded Take back Urban Homesteading group on Facebook), and the cloudy rain looking skies!

You should take the time to look into some of these amazing blogs. I'm not at all being paid to say I like them and am mostly a lurker so they don't know they are my favorites yet. :-)

The Week of Lazy

Yeah, yeah, I have heard it. Its not lazy, you are really pregnant. This is something I know (very well). But its hard to have the desire to make homemade hamburger buns and instead fall asleep on the couch for 6 hours. Then you have to send your husband out to the store cause he's already made the patties up (after grinding the meat himself). And you realized you got up this afternoon and played with your daughter, napped, went shopping, came home and slept until dinner. Then slept after dinner until 3 am. Which is good for getting back to my sleeping at night schedule but not so much for the list I'm growing in my head every day of the stuff I want/need to do besides sleep. For example, fix my bear lamp, finish my afghan, fill out my paper works (I got lots), crochet an amigurumi, pack my bag for the hospital, pack My Girls bag for when I am at the hospital, weed the backyard, build my huge herb box, make rose water, make lavender water, make some tinctures out of lemon balm and dandelion roots/leaves, and keep the house super clean. It isn't so much when I list it out but I have been not doing it and rather napping. Enough about what I haven't done. I'll get there.

This is our first sprouted red potato plant! There are 2 more tiny little sprouts that can't be seen in the picture because they are too small. Last year, I threw some potatoes with eyes in the ground and the plants jumped up huge. But the harvest were tiny tiny potatoes that were rock hard. So I got actual starters this time. That little blue cup buried in the ground is one of my beer traps. No such luck of catching the slug or snail thats eating my new potato plant yet. Soon though, you better watch your back snail! or SLUG! or vicious worm!

These are Jorg's father's day presents: raspberries! 4 of them. He planted them today and we strung up the lines in between. I used our new staple gun to do it. I haven't picked up a tool like that since my high school production of Once Upon a Mattress, where I designed and helped build the sets... sounds impressive, right? Terrible sets. But we made the best with the materials we had. Anyway, I am excited for the raspberries, and the yummy leaves for tea.

These are amazing strawberries. The plants are huge! This is why you pitch out berries until the root system is all setup. There's actually a few wolf spiders that live in this garden box. Every time I water I see the family of spiders slowly evacuate their home and I'm like come back! There have been NO bugs in this plot. No holes in leaves, nothing like that. I hate spiders but as long as they are being fat guardians of my strawberries, we can be cool.

Jorg's corn gets bigger everyday! I honestly don't think its the soil or the water or the whatever, I think it might be the love and attention these corn plants get! Jorg fawns over them daily and sings their praises every where. We have 20 corn plants right there with some green onions that were plants last year at this time. Sookie also likes to nap in between the plants. It totally reminds me of that great movie, Second Hand Lions (if you haven't seen it, you should), where the lion thinks the plot of corn is her jungle. Sookie bounds in there and sits among the corn like a proud lion cat. I am pretty sure the corn knows how loved it is. :P

Sookie actually did something amazing and I think she was hiding in the corn when it happened. Over the last 3 years we have lost 2 avocado trees, bell peppers, and 2 other trees to a gopher! I mistakenly tried to flood out the gopher and discovered the huge tunnel system of this gopher (insert scorn). We have a ton of cats. I gave them many lectures that it wasn't up to me to kill the gopher, they have to earn their keep! My old black cat Scott yawned and went back to sleep (understandable he's like 14 years old), my fat cat Lincoln (rolled onto his belly and back to sleep), and Sookie laid on my lap and purred but she was still super kitten like. I think she's the only cat that took my speech to heart and BAM! a few days ago my mom found a dead gopher in the backyard! Sookie YAY!!!

This was totally my desire for the clothesline... you know, besides the relaxation I get from it and the money I save. I totally remember when sheets and blankets got washed and we'd play in them while they dried. This picture could have easily have been me or any other kid with a clothesline. *sigh or nostalgia*

These are my once meager wind stripped tomatoes! I have 3 out of the 8 I started with thanks to the wind ripping my tiny ones apart! These ones are looking great and have a few blossoms on them.

This maybe hard to see and thanks to my skills/resolution of my camera, it looks like a a stick stuck in the mud... but don't be fooled! Its my wonderful pomegranate tree! And there are tiny little growths ALLLLLLL over it. I am so excited to have a tree that there is no gopher to kill! My backyard needs some height and shade! YAY! The plum tree is in the same boat but I am not so excited since we need 2 to pollinate and only have 1 but soon. The apricot tree needs more water and the lemon tree is looking AWESOME!

 The bulk of the garden from the west side. In comparison to:
This shot in March & April of our whole garden!

Sweet Calendula  that should be getting bigger and more flowery. Calendula is planning on going into the ground way soon! I want it to reseed in the flower plot so I can have more and make some wicked calendula oil for my family!

This is our compost pile. I have shown it before but its all composted like and we just turned it and its like 70 percent compost. We need to pull another crop of weeds and add more kitchen scraps! Its doing really well. We aren't harvesting from it this year. We hadn't planned on having any done until next February. So we will just keep piling it on from there!

I still haven't put anything here but am still debating between eggplant, shallots, asparagus, or boysenberries! I am leaning towards the boysenberries (that we just bought) and making it a nice relaxing area to sit and read or reflect. Need to figure out where to put the other stuff though.

But look at the view from this reflection sitting area. I love it! No more lazy week. I got to get some sleep at night and am now ready to GO! crochet. :P The next blog should be a ton of crocheted items for the fair contest I am entering (okay maybe not a ton but visually it'll seem like alot). :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Jeff Dog, Uglydoll bat, the Grinch, pug, cow, darwin, glenn wolf, lions beany baby, monkey pillow, Humboldt J. Bear!

Had to wash all this stuffed animals. I hope they dry well on the line all day long! There was just something in this picture that I loved like all the stuffed animals are playing on the line all silly and stuff. Or it also reminds my of the time my college roommate's Eeyore doll hung himself from the doorway with a short note left behind. We were both shocked to come home to that. I guess it could go either way, depends if you are glass half empty or full person. Have I mentioned how much I love my clothesline! CAUSE I absolutely do! I love how relaxing it is , how much money it saves, how the clothes feel and smell. In all vampire books or movies, they always say to humans, "you smell like the sun," I always thought that was such a lame line. (Its in one of my favorite book series SEVERAL times). But after I smell my clothes off the line, I play that line in my head. LOL!

This is mainly a garden update because I wanted to show off my sunflowers! But the corn keeps getting bigger and bigger, the green onions too, and my strawberries plants are doing awesome! Sookie is polishing her claws on the potato garden wood. So far only 2 of the 10 potato plants for sprouted... they are red potatoes! Jorg planted cukes in there too. We will have to string up some lines for it before too long. But he really wants pickles and with the success of the beer traps (I got 5 massive snails last night) we can try to grow them again! We switched beers to the cheapest we could find and so far snails and slugs seems to prefer Milwaukee's Best with a small pinch of yeast added in. Jorg still staked claim to 16 of my 30 beers.

Which brings me to the mysterious plants springing up in my backyard. They looked alot like corn when I first noticed them yesterday... Very weak, sickly, corn. I thought "how has this sown itself over here before its even done growing?" Then I realized the birdseed! The birds hate the millet and leave it and now its growing. Jorg wants to make it into beer. Reject Bird Beer. LOL!

My Roses are doing really well. There are 5 blooms and 4 buds on it. They smell sooooo GOOD! My mini roses (yellow) are also doing crazy well but I can't seem to take a good picture of it. I got the bush a year ago from the store at 75 percent off cause it was almost dead and was met as a gift. I stuck it in the ground and have been patient and now I have yellow tea roses! YAY!

My Girl and I spent most of yesterday cleaning and cooking, but after that we spent it munching on these peas from the garden! YUM!!! I recommend fresh peas to anyone who can grow them! So delicious I only wished I planted more and I will next year! I got miles of fence for it to climb up!

My mammoth sunflower has fully bloomed. It still stares at the ground! But I love it. Its right next to the lavender so there's a ton of bees. I have to beeeee careful around there but I am sure that's why everything else is doing so well.

I forget which type of sunflower this is but its not mammoth. It is fully bloomed and beautiful and like the peas I plan to plant a whole bunch along the my stonewall. Add some color and life to that side of the yard next year! I love sunflowers. They always look so happy and make everything look so happy! I think they are happy. HAPPY!

Sookie is dead set on catching a bird. She's hiding under the birdbath and the bird feeder is nearby. She's not terribly sneaky though. This is he second most clever attempt. Her first was when she dug a hole in front of the birds and ducked down into to hide. LOL.

Quick other update: Still working on my ROFL Waffle baby afghan. I decided to do a llama for my amigurumi for Help a Child Smile ("Make a soft animal, doll or teddy bear which will become the property of the L.A. County Fair, and will be distributed to the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. For 13 years, the L.A. County Fair has donated “friends” through the “Plush Toy Program” at the Pomona Valley Hospital. Through the hospital’s Social Services Program, pediatric surgical patients are united with a new “friend” (stuffed animal, doll or toy) to help them through difficult times. Sharing your talents and providing a child with a smile is truly a gift from your heart, as these programs are fully dependent on donations from the public") I also want to make a crocodile and a few others if I have time. But definitely the llama! I think I may have llama on my mind now. Enjoy Llama song. Duck!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jorg's 5K and My Girl's Carny-vale

"Go (for the Alliance) Dave/Dada #63"
This weekend was Jorg's (Shocker, Jorg aka is Dave) first 5K. He's only been training for it since end of April so in the running world it was last minute. I had much more grandiose ideas for a sign but to be honest... I am lazy with baby. I couldn't really bend to draw the Jorg's WoW character to my satisfaction. But I'll finish it after these little guy is born since Jorg really likes the direction its going in. Its way impressive to me that he did the 5K because we all have pretty severe head colds at the moment. I got winded walking back to the car. We will all recover nicely, no worries. My Girl loved holding up the sign at home but not so much at the actual race LOL. She didn't really wanna wake up at 7:30am to go to the race!
A couple yards from the finish line!
Jorg finished the race and I could not be more proud of him. He wants to run it next year. To be honest, the reason I suggested it to him was because I wanted to run it but my its hard to run with a couple basketballs stuck to my belly. He wants My Girl and I to run it next year and we so are going to be doing that! Its exciting to watch him work towards something and accomplish it. Though, he does it on a regular basis.
We all went home after eating a big breakfast at THE IHOP! and I went back to sleep to fight this cold. I dunno what the two of them did. But I got up after the carnival opened and off we went.
First Solo Ride
I was actually not very happy with this carnival in comparison to the one we went to in San Bernardino. It was done by Christensen Amusements. It was stereotypically carny but in a super shady way. It was rusted, dirty, and the people were pretty much all smoking. My Girl wasn't tall enough to ride the super slide but was able to ride the Tilt-o-Whirl, The Scrambler, and This ride called the Casino... It just baffles me. But they both had fun and we probably won't be doing it next year (the carnival, not the race)!